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Getaway to Seattle

We decided to break up our time in Portland with a short trip to Seattle. My sister´s boyfriend is going to join us tomorrow to show us some antique shops where we maybe can get a good deal on a chair or two for new house.

Also, we were craving some time with just our little threesome again – Hubby, Kiddo and me.

So this morning, despite kiddo having a cold and me fighting a plugged duct, we hurled some stuff in a small suitcase and hit the road.

We have discovered that the best way to get around in a car is to have me drive and Hubby navigate from the backseat with the iPad tuned to google maps. If I navigate, I get confused and don’t tell him with confidence when to turn next, e.g. “I think you take a right up here…the next one, or wait, maybe it is the one after?” Also, if I sit in the back, kiddo wants to nurse while we are driving.  So I drive. But I hate driving in the rain, and I hate driving next to big trucks, and so it should come as no surprise that driving in the rain alongside huge trucks on I-5 is an uninspiring scenario for me. So after a little over an hour on the road when we got to Centralia, where we planned to stop at a shop and grab lunch, I was fried.

I tried to pretend that I was fine, but deep down I was annoyed, and the prospect of driving longer only aggravated my mood. Add to that we couldn’t get help in the shop we went to, and then we went to two closed eating establishments and one that was less than appetizing. The only thing that would have been fun was to drink some bad coffee and listen to the small town chatter. But…Kiddo fell asleep in the car while we were trying to find an open restaurant, so we decided to screw it, find a bathroom and then hit the road. Thankfully, Hubby offered to drive.

We arrived at our hotel in the afternoon and decided to head out to Pike Place market. It was not what we expected. We told Kiddo that she would get to see lots of fish, which is what I remember from when I went there over a decade ago. Its not like that anymore. Just lots of stalls selling lots of crap. Kiddo wanted to nurse nurse nurse, which made us realize that she hadn’t eaten enough yet. Hubby didn’t want me to nurse while walking along because of my plugged duct, while I was worried about waiting too long before nursing again, as to not worsen the plugged duct. Meanwhile, Kiddo stumbled upon the idea of a hot dog, and then proceeded to scream “Hot dog! Hot dog! Hot dog! Nummies! Nummies! Nummies!” while we ran around trying to find a hot dog, to no avail. We found some teriyaki meatball skewer that she deigned to try, finally, and then we had to catch the shuttle back to the hotel.

If that doesn’t sound stressful, just take my word for it. My blood pressure was off the charts.

Then, because we hadn’t learned our lesson that Kiddo wanted an uneventful day, we decided to go out to three additional places. First, to PCC Fremont, a natural foods market I have wanted to visit ever since I made their recipe for Spicy Tofu and Spelt salad. Hubby bought the wrong size of hippy diapers so we needed to pick up some more, plus, I sort of wanted to get something healthy for breakfast. Then, we went to dinner, and then to dessert. Dessert was a disaster. We went to an ice cream shop and got Kiddo a kid scoop of vanilla in a cone. We did this because we wanted to eat our cones in peace. This did not work. I don’t actually feel like reliving all the details right now, but there was screaming, whining, banged shins (mine), spilled water x 2, irritated customers, spilled ice cream, and basically 500 calories of dessert shoved down my throat before Hubby and I scooped up Kiddo and all the mess we had made and beelined for the car.

Ahh, out on the town with a toddler!