Real life

Now starts real life in Stavanger. We have had tons of free/vacation time up until now. We spent almost all of July at the summer cabin with my in-laws. We did a week in Italy with my parents. We took a five day trip to Spain for a work trip turned long weekend and got back on Sunday. We went to the fishing cabin for two nights and three days before going home to the temporary apartment.

Now the routine of daily life starts. I want to start getting things set up for the project based learning I want Kiddo to get geared up for. I signed us up for a swimming class on Friday mornings – I missed the first class when we were in Spain so now I have to go for the first time next week (I get really nervous for this kind of thing). I am always late; it is a weakness – I think I have more time than I do and then Kiddo doesn’t cooperate on top of that, and then I forget my contacts and then we are running running running. I am not sure Kiddo will want to leave the house, at least the first time. But I think she will like it. And I am encouraged about meeting other kids her age. It is very rare to find an activity for kids between age 2 and 5 that takes place during the day. What I hope it means is that there are some other kids who are at least home one day a week. I really hope that Kiddo can make a friend or two, because I feel like she is the type of personality (like me ;)) who does really well with a couple of close friends.

In a few weekends, I hope to be able to volunteer at the Stavanger Kids Sale, a consignment sale for kids’ clothes that my friend started up. She used to live in the Stavanger region, moved to Oslo, and I met her through an online sewing class we both did that was based out of Atlanta, where she is from. Small world! Anyway, she knows a lot of people that she can introduce me to here, so it would be a good idea to throw myself into that situation.

There are playgroups on Thursday and Friday (which I will miss). I know my daughter, so I don´t want to jump into too many things. I have contacted a Spanish speaking non live in nanny (“dagmamma”) about using her for a few hours, a couple days a week. I think it might be nice to have time to run errands and workout and clean in the hours when I am most productive. Hubby is not convinced, though, so we will see. 

Time feels like it is passing so fast. We turned over the apartment a week ago. I didn´t go, so I saw it for the last time in June. It is kind of sad, but I don´t need the symbolism of saying goodbye. It was a change that was happening, no matter what I thought or felt. When we were writing a luggage tag for the stroller last week, I started writing the old address. And then I couldn´t even remember the zip code. My brain is struggling, clearly.

Just to be extra confusing, I am going back to Oslo for a doctor´s appointment next week, and since Hubby was going for a conference anyway, we are going together from Tuesday to Friday morning. I will see my “old” friends (even though I don´t have any new friends yet), go to book club, and see my SIL. Except: we will stay in a hotel and not our lovely apartment, because someone else lives there now. That is so strange.

Hubby says the fall will pass quickly. I am not sure about that. The days can go really slowly with lots of playing make believe with a 2yo who doesn´t like to leave the house. It is lovely but sort of slow motion at the same time.

Our house is making lots of progress, even though the contractor said they won´t be done until January, now.

I have the urge to just stay home and watch Netflix and read books and play with plastic animals with my daughter, but the faster I do this process of meeting people, the faster I will know people. In Oslo I jumped in super fast, and the benefit was that I had a circle of friends in record time. But it feels different now, with a toddler who we parent rather alternatively. It feels like that sets the framework. But at the same time, I think it gives a good filter. I am not necessarily going to click with a woman with grown kids, who likes to drink tons of wine on Friday and Saturday night and then spend Saturday and Sunday lounging around. I am more going to click with people who found the fun farm on Saturday and are maybe down for a barbeque in the early evening on Sunday. So, I have to be open, but understand my stage in life when looking for friends.

I had plans to take an art class or a guitar class this fall but I don´t see how there will ever be time for that. I can only have so many hobbies as a parent, if I also value sleep, which I do. But it is a phase in life.

I hope this doesn´t sound pessimistic. I don’t feel pessimistic, I just feel a little bit overwhelmed. They always talk about moving as this thing that happens on that day, and maybe the week after, but I feel like moving is something that actually takes months. Luckily, part of that is the honeymoon period where you discover new shops and paths and people, but then you settle in and start seeing the traffic and the rain and the place specific problems. Then, you take a little upturn again when everything levels out. That is probably after a year. Such is moving; such is real life. 

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