Quantum Cleanse Week Two Reflections

This week on the Quantum Cleanse was harder than I thought it was going to be. I started out really strong. I had refused a lot of tasty food while my in-laws were visiting, but it left a nasty feeling in me – like I had given up a lot so I deserved a treat. I hate that.

But soon I was running low on inspiration. Hubby was away three days and usually I get a little excited to be able to cook whatever I want (heavy on the soups, stews, and mushroom dishes, yay!), but I had a hard time getting anything done because Kiddo decided not to nap for three days in a row, and be extremely clingy, so I was not able to cook really. I managed to make a couple of decent meals, that made great leftovers, but I didn’t feel like heating up damn leftovers the next day, I wanted something new! And then Hubby came home and didn’t want to eat leftovers either. I had a breakdown and ate some cheese. I also got drunk. I also had coffee. (Not all at once ;)) 

But you know what?

The morning after I ate cheese, I inched forward in my weight loss – I went down another pound. Maybe I ate less other food because I was so satiated from cheese? Maybe it was a coincidence.

I don’t know. I like the idea of eating more vegan foods, but this week made me doubtful that I can maintain it long term, and all the time. I read a blog this week that hit home. Four writers had gone vegan for a month, and afterwards, they each were pleasantly surprised with the meals, the food, and the relative ease (although they are in the US, the vegan food selection in Norway is almost non existent), but none of them would continue full time. They would be sometimes-vegans. Strict vegans are squirming uncomfortably right now, and I totally get that, but also, I do think it would be a terrific revolution if more people could eat vegan some of the time. It there wasn’t a huge stigma to trying to add more vegan meals into our lives, but not the total commitment that turns a lot of people off. Food is related too much of our culture, for better or for worse. Birthday parties, religious holidays, Friday night pizza, family favorites, comfort food…it is so tied up in these things. I agree that just because it is a part of the culture doesn’t mean it is okay, but I think the world would be a much healthier place if people didn’t feel like they had to give up all of that, but they could just eat more consciously. They could sprinkle nutritional yeast on their popcorn instead of butter. They could grab a veggie burger instead of a beef burger. They could have bean and sweet potato burritos, no cheese needed. But they wouldn’t have to promise to always do that.


This was the gluten free, vegan pizza that broke the cleanse for Hubby. For me, it was proof that if you want pizza, you should eat pizza, and it you want vegan, gluten free pizza, you should probably eat something that is naturally vegan and gluten free….


Meals week 2



Breakfast: carrot, apple, beet, lemon, ginger and watermelon juice; vegan gluten free cornbread leftovers with vegan spread.

Lunch: Mushroom, tofu, green onion, spinach and rice stirfry

Dinner: Rice paper wraps with rice noodles, hummus, beets, napa cabbage, carrots and spinach.



Breakfast: Vegan gluten free cornbread leftovers with vegan spread; carrot, apple, beet, lemon, ginger and watermelon juice

Lunch: Homemade tapenade from the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook (WLCB) on rice crackers; spinach salad with beets, avocado, chickpeas and lemon juice.

Dinner: Chickpea coconut curry over brown rice, from WLNC

Snacks: Herbal tea, rice crackers



Breakfast: Beet, carrot, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon juice and cornbread leftovers

Lunch: Rice cakes with beets, hummus, avocado and spinach

Dinner: Leftover chickpea coconut curry and brown rice

Snacks: Banana, almonds, herbal tea, dried apricots



Breakfast: Beet, carrot, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon juice and gluten free vegan pancakes.

Lunch: Homemade rice crackers with hummus and vegetable and almond pate from WLNC (weird, do not recommend!)

Dinner: White bean stew with homemade tapenade, both recipes from WLNC

Snacks: Banana, almonds, rice crackers, herbal tea



Breakfast: Beet, carrot, cucumber and apple juice and leftover gluten free vegan pancakes.

Lunch: Leftover Curry

Dinner: White bean stew with homemade tapenade, both recipes from WLNC

Snacks: Banana, dried apricots, rice crackers, almonds



Breakfast: Beet/carrot/apple/celery/lemon juice and apple grain free almond flour vegan muffins that I made mini for Kiddo

Lunch: Leftover bean stew and tapenade

Dinner: Vegan gluten free pizza (This was so….interesting that Hubby stopped doing the cleanse. He was so disgusted by it. I thought it was good for dinner, but NOT FOR BREAKFAST REHEATED!)

Snacks: Herbal tea, banana, mini muffins, tapenade on rice crackers



Breakfast: Leftover pizza

Lunch: Tapenade and white bean dip on homemade rice crackers; vegetable and almond pate.

Dinner: Caprese salad (with mozzarella WHOOPS) and asparagus. And wine.  

Snacks:  Rice crackers, banana, protein shake with homemade almond milk, banana, avocado and chocolate protein powder

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