Welcome home!

We are home!

I don’t feel like writing the whole long spiel about the plane ride. It wasn’t the best; it wasn’t the worst. Hubby used miles to upgrade us to business class, which was amazing, and honestly I don’t know how horrible it would have been had we been crammed in the back, with Kiddo´s mood. Basically, we didn’t prepare well for this flight because we just were so out of it with the thought of going home, and seeing the dog, and packing up all the stuff, and remembering everything in our bags, that we didn’t download new videos for Kiddo and she didn’t get to run around outside for the whole last few days we were in Tokyo, so the consequence was that she was not happy to just sit and chill in her seat like she so often is known to do. She wanted a change of scene every 2-15 minutes. Which is normal toddler behavior, but frankly, exhausting and irritating when you just don´t have that much to offer on a plane! Not a lot of space, not a lot of variety, not endless kinds of food, or toys, or drinks, or anything. So, we survived just fine, but Mama had to use all sorts of Zen breathing and so forth to get through. I told Hubby in no uncertain terms that I was not up for flying with her anytime soon. Enough is enough!

Anyway, we got home, and because Kiddo only slept an hour after her Tokyo bedtime until we actually went to bed (a seven hour time difference, or is it eight?), the jet lag seems to be going okay for everyone. We all slept 8 hours the first night, which was unexpected and nice. It was great to see Poodle. It was great to sleep in our bed. It was great to cook some food this morning and make some juice in our Angel Juicer. It was so normal, it felt like we never even left!

Since we had been renting out our place through airbnb, we were half expecting anything from small scratches to huge disasters when we got here, but it was perfect. Practically better than we left it!

We tried to take the dog for a walk all together this morning, but Kiddo wanted to hold the leash, and she fell when Poodle drew too hard on the leash and scratched herself, so Hubby went ahead and we went back. Kiddo is thrilled to have her toys again. That is nice. 

We haven’t been doing much, just wandering around, unpacking, doing laundry, playing with our new toys and such. We have been awake for a lot of hours, and it feels sort of surreal to be here. We also started a diet/cleanse/clean-eating plan (after eating out almost constantly for 5 months, we need a jumpstart to feeling better!) so that probably adds to the weird feeling. I have been awake for almost 8 hours and only eaten some potatoes, fresh juice, and almonds, and I am not even hungry. That is very unlike me.

I sort of don’t have it in me to reflect right now, but I just wanted to catch up to the present so that when I feel like reflecting, I can do so.

We will see what shape the blog takes over the next period. I want to keep writing, because I am enjoying it, but also because the adventure is continuing with remodeling our house and moving to a new city. The craziest part might be over, but the year is not done!


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