Takayama and the Japanese Alps


Looking out onto the Japanese Alps from our hotel room in Takayama

The beautiful train ride to Takayama was over two hours long. It was a pretty nice scenic route. It seems we weren’t the only tourists on our way to Takayama, a city I initially wanted to avoid because it is known for being touristy. The train was full of groups of white people on tours! We decided to go to Takayama for a change of scene before we went back to Tokyo. Even though we didn’t really want to be cold, we wanted to see more than just southern Japan. And there was a direct, but scenic train from Nagoya. So, Takayama it was. (Or takoyaki, as we like to call it, because Hubby can´t keep the two straight – takoyaki are fried octopus fritters and Takayama is a town a couple hundred kilometers north of Nagoya.)

The hotel had a shuttle, so we didn’t even have to spring for a taxi to get the 3km to the hotel. It was nice. The hotel was very opulent but not too bad for a couple carting around a toddler who is in a throwing stage, so that was good. We were both feeling over being tourists with the same hoards who came off the train with us, so we holed up in our room and watched YouTube videos of Chip and Dale and Donald Duck. We were just going to eat ramen at the hotel restaurant, but we decided to venture out. Hubby found a burger shop called Center 4 Burgers on TripAdvisor – the best rated restaurant in Takayama! So off we went. We took the shuttle into town and walked a mile or so to the burger shop, which was OMG the hippest place we have been to in Japan so far. We thought the people who worked there must be, like, the coolest kids in town. But the best part BY FAR was the AMAZING burgers we had. I had a double cheeseburger and Hubby had a single cheeseburger and Kiddo had fries. We were full and happy and took a taxi home. Kiddo fell asleep in the Ergo and we thought she was done for the day, but she woke up at 9:30 with spades of energy and we were not so happy anymore. But it was fine, we watched more Chip and Dale and were only up until 1:30am with her :/ That is what you get when a two year old doesn’t get outside much and takes a 2.5 hour nap at 7pm!


One of the best burgers I have tasted – at Center 4 Burgers in Takayama.

 The next day we went out on the town. We bought some toys, saw some cute streets, and went back to Center 4 Burgers for lunch because we are LAME! It was amazing, again. I got a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake, and Kiddo ate half of Hubby´s Hida beef burger.

We went back to the hotel for some post large meal R&R and Kiddo got to play with her new toys with Dada. We ate ramen in the hotel pub that night and Kiddo annoyed the servers by playing under the tables. Sorry, lady, but we don´t care if she gets a little dirty, we just want to eat our noodles while they are warm!

I was ready to go to sleep at 9:30 but no one else was. Finally we crashed and it was time again for big city life!


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