It´s almost over

We are in the last stretch, my friends!

I can´t believe how many cool things we have done on this trip. I swore I did not want to count down until we went home. I didn’t want to spend the last weeks “winding down”. I wanted to go, go, go and then – WHAM – be back in Oslo.

But I think the human brain doesn’t work like that.

It likes to process.

Plus, some personal stuff has been going on that I don´t think I will share, but it has given me a little push towards craving desperately the comforts of home. Shopping at the local grocer´s, taking our dog to the park now that Kiddo is older and might not run away from me, while the dog runs in the opposite direction, seeing my friends, waking up in my own bed and not having to go out and face crowds and do anything… I know this is a really romantic version of being home. The reality is different. There are meals to be cooked (not breakfast in the lobby and a noodle shop down the street). There is laundry to be done, folded, and put away (not one load every week because we all wear the same thing a lot, or fancy hotel laundry a couple of times, which was amazing!). There is shopping to be done (toilet paper doesn’t just pop onto the rolls). There is vacuuming to be done (The maids don’t come and hoover up my toddler´s crumbs in Oslo!). There are a bunch of other things but those are the main ones. But still, home is nice.

Hubby and I have just decided to come home two days early. That means tomorrow is our last full day in Tokyo. It is our last full day of a 5 month trip! I can’t believe it is over, but in a way, I can, because we have done so much stuff! We did almost all the stuff we had hoped to do. It helped that we didn’t have specific plans to see such and such museum and go to one particular restaurant (and when we did, we either totally did it, or found out we weren’t able to and it wasn’t the end of the world). Our plans were loose. There was lots of “go to the beach” and “see New Zealand” and “taste wine” sort of general stuff, and we did it all! Except for see the tuna auction at the Tsukiji market in Tokyo. Technically, we still could, but that is Hubby´s call. I don´t have any desire to wake up at 4am to do that, so he is on his own 😉

I will do more in depth reflections over the whole trip – favorites, least favorites, best memories, most unexpected finds – when we are safe and sound back in Oslo, and I have gone for a run in the park and had a scone from the bakery and have started to miss all the things from the trip.

For now, I will try to enjoy the last 48 hours or so that we have on the road!


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