A lazy day in Hiroshima

We had a whole day to ourselves, we had already seen what we wanted to see in Hiroshima, and the weather was nice! We spent a couple hours trying to plan what we wanted to do in the next cities, and debating whether to spend 3000 yen each way to get to the zoo, before we set off to wander around. We read there was a playground on the top of a shopping center in town. There wasn’t, but it was still a nice area and we spent almost 2 hours there, letting Kiddo run around and just enjoying the sunshine.

We went for udon in the food court afterwards. Kiddo said she wanted “noodles!!!” but didn’t eat almost any. I got wakame udon and was really happy – noodles AND something green!

After that we lazed around a bit more, looked at all the sweets on the sweets floor of the mall, found a pet store where Kiddo was mesmerized by these giant gerbils (not sure what they were, the signs were in Japanese) running in their exercise wheels, and wandered home again. Kiddo napped and then we went out to Okonomiyaki for dinner.


The stages of making Okonomiyaki.

We had gone the night before too because that is what Hiroshima is known for. They have a food hall called Okonomimura with 3 floors of stalls selling the dish. Okonomiyaki is basically yakisoba cooked in layers on a crepe, and then covered with Japanese barbeque sauce. It is really good, though! I got the same one both nights in other to compare between the two different food stalls: bacon, shrimp and squid. The first one had the better shrimp, and the second one had the better overall dish. Both times it was a fun experience, because you sit there while they cook them up right in front of you. You sit at the counter, beside strangers, and I have to say, traveling with a little blonde Norwegian toddler makes everyone friendly and the conversations are always flowing, er, stilting along.

Last night the cook was particularly taken with Kiddo, and kept making faces at her and telling her to eat (she was only eating her ice). Finally, she started eating the egg, but we hadn’t saved enough for her, so we asked him if he would make us one egg. “Sambled?” He asked. “Yes! Scrambled! Thanks!” She only ate half of it, but still, it was a hit. Then they asked where we were from (we were speaking Norwegian together), and Hubby said Norway. They all screamed with glee that this little blonde kid was indeed Scandinavian. Then Hubby pointed to me and said, “Amerika.” Silence. Sheesh!

We left full and in a good mood. It was a nice day. The only thing I would have done differently was to shower off the fried/burnt noodle smell that had invaded my hair, as it made it kind of hard to fall asleep!


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