The Tsukiji Fish Market – after hours


1pm – after hours at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo

So, we were supposed to wake up and go to the fish market. We all have been feeling like we are catching a cold, so we slept in a LOT, and then, decided to eat breakfast, which was actually lunch it was so late, and then took ages to walk to Tsukiji…and it was closed. Whoops! But we saw the after hours, ate some mediocre sushi (Hubby thought it was amazing), and shopped the side stalls, including this amazing shop that had beautiful, hand made vegetable shape cutters. We got some for Kiddo, in the hopes that if I cut little radishes to look like bunnies, for example, maybe she will want to eat them. We shall see.

We couldn’t be bothered to walk home, so we took a taxi. Kiddo fell asleep and then slept in the bed and not in the front carry for the first time in 3 days, and my back was doing somersaults it was so happy. She is too heavy to front carry, but I do it anyway, because she likes it and I can still breastfeed her on the sly in that position, which is so handy in many circumstances, but especially when we are traveling in countries where I am not sure how tolerant people are about nursing in public.

So, we took baths, and were slow, and finally decided to go out to dinner to a tempura restaurant. A restaurant that just serves tempura! Well, they serve a couple other things, but mainly tempura. Oh my goodness. It was AMAZING! We got the tempura set menu, which came with a couple of prawns and then some amazing fish and vegetables, as well as rice and miso soup. The would bring out two pieces at a time, so each piece was piping hot and you could eat it slowly and pause before the next two pieces were brought out. The chef walked by and saw Kiddo and sent out two special mashed sweet potato tempuras, which were amazing, but Kiddo didn’t like, so we nibbled on. The server spoke English so well, and she was charmed that we thought so. She told us she had been learning for 9 years. Wow! It was a fun experience, and the ability to ask the server anything and have her be able to respond was an added layer on the cake.

Since the restaurant was in a shopping mall, we looked around a little bit and then I found this interior shop with an amazing kids section. Kiddo went bananas and had a minor meltdown when we had to leave. We made it up to her by finding the cutest little crackers in the food mart downstairs – “tiny baby flower” crackers. They really were the cutest crackers I have ever seen. They were also extremely salty, but whatever, sometimes kids eat salt!

I feel like I eat a ton of salt here, but I think partly it is because I don’t drink enough water. I have to pee all the time even without drinking all the water I want to drink, and it is hard when we are out in a group of five to have to stop everybody´s pace to find a toilet. That is the martyr in me, or something. So then I get home at night and I don’t want to drink too much because I don’t want to wake up every hour in the night. It is the tourist´s dilemma, for me. 


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