Wednesday on Tioman

Kiddo was a bit clingy in the morning, so we floated on the floaty and snorkeled and searched for crabs and had a lovely morning.

For lunch, we had requested to eat what the staff eats, since as we like to say, “We didn’t come to Malaysia to eat chicken burgers,” so we got instead white rice, a whole fried fish, pickled mackerel in broth, and fried eggplant with salted beans and chili. It was so good. The French couple was jealous and we told them we had requested it the night before – they said they wanted that the next day. The restaurant manager seemed happy that we liked it. We told the other manager how awesome it would be if they had one special on the menu each day for lunch, and he agreed that might work.

Kiddo was happy to swim more in the afternoon. She only asked for Riley once.


How could one not have a lovely morning here on the Bagus Place beach?

A new family came at 6pm with 4 kids. They were a half French, half Singaporean family, and the French couple was thrilled that they had someone else they could talk to. Speaking of the French couple, I related my worries about judgment from them to Hubby and he was saying they were a nice old couple, and while I had been watching over Kiddo, they had expressed concern that she didn’t eat much and asked why we didn’t order fries for her (that day) at lunch – because all kids like fries and then at least she would eat something. So four course lunch menu enforcers they are not. Also, the woman told me how easygoing Kiddo seemed, and I agreed, (except for la cuisine) and she laughed.

Dinner was fun again. There was a lot to choose from. As soon as we gave Kiddo the iPad she stopped throwing everything we gave her on the floor and let me feed her a whole bowl of rice. Everyone was happy. Then we got ice cream for dessert. Win! For the second night in a row, we watched as the cicadas went up to investigate the dining room lights, only to be smacked by the ceiling fan. One fell down and the French man showed us how you could make it sing by scratching its belly. I was a little concerned we were hurting the poor, stunned bug, but it was a really cool trick and Kiddo was happy.

As I was trying to see if Kiddo would fall asleep for the night, the power went off. The lights, hey, no worries, I was sleepy anyway, but oh man, the FANS! I felt hot as soon as they stopped and Kiddo immediately broke into a sweat just lying there. They make an incredible difference, we discovered! So, while we laid there trying to sleep (Kiddo slept after requesting that I sing her a song – so cute!) the poor kitchen manager was having to keep herself awake until someone came (from where?!) to fix the fuse. At 1:15am the power returned, I know because I had forgotten to turn my lamp off so the fan and the lamp shot on, making me jump up. But it was so cool after the fans were back on that we slept soundly after that. You only appreciate what you have after it is gone, right?!


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