Tuesday on Tioman


The view from our room.

We slept in after the dance party the night before. Both the Germans and Riley and her family were leaving in the morning. Some of the other kids were playing on the swing and she wanted to go there with Riley. This is all so new for me, as usually she couldn’t care less about other children. It makes me really hope that Kiddo will find a good friend in Norway.

Anyway, there was some drama at the swing, since the local kid, Krisitina, and Riley were arguing about who could sit on it and who could push. I was nervous because Kiddo was sitting squarely in the middle of the swing (It is about a meter wide, so multiple kids can swing at once – genius!). Anyway, Kristina ended up being carried away by her angry mother and Riley´s mother decided they needed to go, and then I saw the first glimpse of Kiddo´s attachment to Riley. She went over to the swing and kept saying her name in this really sad and hopeful voice. (I since found out that Kristina has no mother 😦 and that all the staff try to mother her. Her father is the former owner.)

Finally I convinced her to go swimming, and then she didn’t want to get out of the water. I told her several times, “If you want to play with Riley one last time, it has to be now,” but she said no, she wanted to swim. Finally, we were snorkeling all together, Kiddo in a lifejacket, Hubby and I taking turns looking at the fishies (we saw big turtles, too!), and I saw the family walking down the pier. We were a long ways out, but I tried my hardest to swim Kiddo in so she could say goodbye. I didn’t make it. I did get my heart rate up for about 3 minutes, though, so that was nice. Ha! Kiddo didn’t seem to mind then, but all day after that, she kept asking for Riley. Little kid/little girl friendships are uncharted territory for me. Something to look forward to!

After lunch we took out the kayak. Hubby paddled and I held Kiddo on my lap. She fell asleep, and then woke up when we tried to transfer her to the chair for a nap, and then didn’t nap at all. Not the worst thing ever as she still was in a pretty good mood all day (not cranky), but boy, did Hubby and I miss our 2+ hours on the balcony, watching the waves and reading our books. Oh well! We ended up going swimming again at 6pm because she was so restless.

Dinner was nice – there was a new couple from the UK who had just been to Melbourne on a trip they won from the radio, and we had a nice chat, interspersed with Hubby including the French couple by repeating stuff in French, while Kiddo was immersed in Mickey Mouse. Sometimes, that damn iPad is just so helpful! I did feel judged by the French couple about her whole mealtime habits (we feed her, she rejects food, she throws it on the floor, etc), but that is just me projecting all that Pamela Druckerman BS about how all French parents have kids that eat four course meals at kindergarten, when sorry, no one can know everything about a whole country´s kids! (Pamela Druckerman wrote that book about how the French are better parents and she now has a column on the Huffington Post Parents page talking about all sorts of things American parents are failing. Like how we train our kids to be picky. Ooh such a touchy subject – I was a picky eater and so is Kiddo, but we try not to label her as that and offer new foods all the time but it is often frustrating when she rejects stuff and throws it on the floor. Pamela Druckerman says to force her to take one bite of a new food. Has she seen what happens when we try to put an unwanted spoon in her mouth! GAH! End rant.)

Anyway, the food was amazing, and we were all very full and happy after dinner. Slept like rocks!


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