Thursday on Tioman


We are so sad to have to leave this place. This was taken from our balcony at 6:45am.

Today was our last day here.

We had homestyle Malaysian breakfast for the first time – interesting! It was a soup with chicken and rice cake, sprinkled with crispy fried rice noodles. Very tasty, I thought, but Hubby doesn’t like the texture of the pounded rice that they use to make the cakes with, which I understand. It wasn’t a lot of food (no wonder they staff here are all so skinny!) so we supplemented with toast.

Kiddo ate nothing. It is pretty aggravating. We realized later it was because her tummy tubes were tied up to the brim with a huge…production…that came out after lunch, with lots of tears (yeah…eating mostly white rice, French fries, bananas and breastmilk is apparently not so fiberous, who knew?). Then she ate. Phew!

After breakfast we spent the whole morning catching crabs and fish for the day´s aquarium. Kiddo spotted a crab and was so pleased with herself. I didn’t believe her at first – I thought she had just seen a fish or something, but there it was! She had jumped up and down in the water saying, “I found a crab! Woohoo!” It was adorable, as you would expect. The staff is all used to us catching crabs and was always coming down to inspect the goods.

I went out for a snorkel, looking for the huge Napolean fish that Hubby had seen the day before, but I couldn’t find them. I saw beautiful corals and fish and huge silvery clams and sea urchins so it was still a success. And I was only 2% scared a shark would appear and try to eat me. When I came back, Kiddo was crying and had just cut her toe on a sharp shell. There was a fair amount of blood, but it turned out fine. Now she has a bandaid there and one on the coresponding unhurt toe on the other foot. She was very pleased with the bandaids. 

At lunch, Kiddo also didn’t eat anything. After having been convinced by us the day before, the French couple had ordered the staff lunch, and they weren’t too impressed. I liked it, although it wasn’t as elaborate as the previous day´s lunch. It was white rice, chicken curry and fishy green beans with cabbage and salted beans. They have us some fishy spicy sauce with it that I loved. Hubby didn’t like it so I mixed the whole bowl into my rice with runny curry sauce. Delish! We got more Malaysian cooking tips from the restaurant manager. I love that.

After lunch, we had the poop production, which took awhile, and then Kiddo was thrilled and relaxed. She ate some cereal I had saved her some from the morning, and we got changed to go swimming again. But her poor toe couldn’t take the salt water so we went inside and she fell asleep like lightning. Oh, we also saw a monkey! It was just hanging out in the tree, looking at us. Kiddo waved.

At our last dinner, it was a bittersweet affair. There was a new family with kids, but there wasn’t enough time for Kiddo to warm up to them. Plus, they were not interested in socializing at all. Weird. 



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