Sunday on Tioman

I think I was 10% apprehensive when we woke up on Sunday about what we were going to do all day. We had had such a nice day the day before, but what if Kiddo was tired of building sand castles? It was totally unfounded, but I did worry. She might get tired of amazing beach and water and sand by the end of the week when we leave, but not yet!

So, after breakfast, we went off to explore a part of the beach we hadn´t been on before, and we found a rock crab the size of a fist with funky red eyes. It was just sitting there, staring at us and didn’t try to get away. So, we decided to build an aquarium. We collected some shells and some snails and got a little box from the staff, and made a fun little habitat. And then – we fed the crab a snail, and I was mesmerized. This little crab totally crushed one end of the snail, grabbed out the contents (body?), and methodically devoured it. It was a good exercise for me to see this, since I have been battling with my meat eating. I still recognize the difference in a sea snail, by chance getting eaten by a snail, from a herd of cattle being raised and slaughtered just for meat, but it does reiterate the cycle of life argument, and the fact that some species are designed for eating other species. Anyway, sidetrack over.


Our first aquarium of several at Bagus Place

We eventually expanded the aquarium to a few more crabs, a baby squid (caught by chance when we were filling up the water), a hermit crab, and some more snails. Then, it got to hot and we had to free them all, but not before our first crab had eaten a few more snails!

Another interesting moment of the morning was when Kiddo and I played with another little girl and her Filipina nanny.

It started as Hubby, Kiddo and I were playing with the aquarium and the nanny and her charge, plus the mother, started building a sand castle. Kiddo went over to help, and then next thing I knew, the mother was saying they were moving all the way across the beach to the shade. I really wanted to just watch from a distance, since it was two adults to two kids already, but I didn’t want it to seem like I was using their nanny to my advantage, so I went and got a snack from Kiddo and then joined them. Just as I did, the mother exclaimed that she was going to go kayaking with her husband, but don’t worry, the nanny would be there. So we were left together, the nanny telling the child exactly how to build the sandcastle (a pet peeve of mine!), and me feeling like Kiddo wasn´t allowed to add to the sandcastle in her…artistic/destructive…way. Add to that the conversation that the nanny and I had. She was appalled that I was not working and that Kiddo didn’t have an “auntie” looking after her. I told her it was normal in Norway for mother´s to go back to work, but that I didn´t want to, and she seriously looked like I was speaking a foreign language. “But, ma´am, then you will have a 5 year old soon, ma´am, and no auntie and then what will you do, ma´am?” Oh yes, she called me ma´am all the time. It was strange and I felt weird. Hubby came back from snorkeling and we went back to go play with the aquarium.

We got to switch rooms or “chalets” today. This means we are now right on the beach. We hear the waves crashing below us (we are on stilts on the rocks) as we fall asleep and wake up. It is amazing.

We tried to feed Kiddo pizza for lunch, but she didn’t want much of it. She ate bread instead. And lots of ice cubes. I am pretty sure they know her here as the ice cube girl, because later when we went for a drink in the bar before dinner, the staff membered asked Kiddo, “Ice?” It was funny.

We ended up being 15 minutes late for dinner because we aren´t wearing our watches and the family with the nanny seems to not have any idea that the 7:30 dinner time applies to them, too. We shouldn´t have used the fact that they were still at the bar as evidence that it was not yet dinnertime. Whoops! The owner, his wife, and some police leader where staying the night, so the dinner was extra extravagant and tasty. They had some garlic and ginger beef that was divine. Hubby and I got in an argument over me wanting to breastfeed at the table, because the wife of the owner was wearing a headscarf and he wasn´t sure it was legal to breastfeed in public in Malaysia. We left the table for awhile – real fun! – and came back to eat our dessert. It was some weird gelatin in sweetened milk, but I liked it.

This vacation has been good for fighting my sweet tooth because there is only one opportunity a day to eat sweets, and that is after I am stuffed full of dinner.

We watched the sharks being fed our leftover food at the end of the pier after dinner. There were 5 huge sharks! It was pretty special. 

Kiddo fell asleep earlier than I needed to, so I got to finish my book. Instead of extreme heat, the breeze was blowing and the ceiling fan in the new room was powerful and I felt cool. At one point in the night, I was even cold! What a novel feeling in the tropics!


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