Monday on Tioman

We went looking for crabs right after breakfast. We saw some, but they are so fast we couldn’t catch them. We spent the morning swimming, mostly. Hubby found a blow up floatie, and Kiddo loved floating with us on it, except when she was floating on her dad and I left to go snorkeling, and then he had to go find a distraction for her. 

I was scared to snorkel since I had seen the five sharks the night before, even though I was assured they were reef sharks who didn’t like humans. I tried very hard to conquer my fear, but the dark part on the side of the mask kept tricking me into believing there was something there in my peripheral vision, so after a short trip, I swam back. I guess of all fears, the fear of being mauled to death in the sea is not an easy one to conquer. I should try starting with something easier 🙂

Lunch was a hilarious affair. It felt like a barnehage (Norwegian nursery) or kid´s birthday party or something. There were four kids present, including Kiddo, and one of them was extremely social, walking around to all of the kid´s tables while her mother and father admonished her loudly from across the room to sit down and join them. Finally, she joined the table with the two German kids, when their parents said they don’t mind. The three kids were all coloring and having a blast. The parents of the girl, I will call her Riley, didn´t know what to do with themselves while she sat at another table. Their nanny didn’t know what to do either, as she had eaten before and rejoined the family at dinner in order to be able to feed Riley and ensure that the parents had a smooth meal, I guess. This whole time Kiddo was sitting with us eating ice!

We didn´t dare try to get Kiddo to nap right after lunch, because by now we had realized that she was not tired until late into the afternoon, and trying earlier just made everyone frustrated. So we swam and played a bit in the sand for awhile and then I told Kiddo I was going to go back as I needed to shower off the sand and drink some water and she said she was tired and that she wanted to come. Then she said “It was a good day at the beach. Nice beach! Bye bye swimming!” I love that kid so much.

We decided to go to the bar after she woke up, as it is the place of congregation here at Bagus Place. Since it is perched above the water on the pier, it is sort of central. Riley was there playing, and we had a nice few minutes while they played. They have a game of jenga, which the kids all use as blocks, and Kiddo kept asking to go play with the blocks later at dinner.

Dinner was strange because there wasn’t enough food. It is a buffet style dinner, and when people take too much, there isn’t enough left for the others! Even though there might have been not excessive amounts of food anyway that night, as there were 11 adults and 4 kids eating, a pair of Australians were staying just for one night and they bragged about how they ate four plates of food. I felt bad because I had taken three nuggets of chicken and upon reflection realized there probably were only two allocated per person. It was not a “god stemming” (or “good atmosphere”, in this context) as we would say in Norway. A French couple who had come to Bagus Place specifically because of the food was left hungry.

Maybe because everyone was not totally satisfied, we all went to the bar after dinner. It was actually a great night! Maybe not for the French couple, who don´t speak English. They had a drink and left. All the kids had a rocking time. First, they played with blocks and then they progressed to dancing to the top 40 playing on the radio. Kiddo was so precious. She really was enthralled by Riley, and wanted to dance just with her. Riley, well, not so much. I thought it was funny because it must be nice to be a little over a year older and looked up to so incredibly much! Riley taught Kiddo how to roll around on the floor, which was a success. The 18 month old German todder was the dancing rockstar. We had to remind Kiddo and Riley that she wasn’t as good on her feet and please be aware of her, but there were a few collisions. Finally, sadly, the Germans went to bed, and Riley disappeared with her mother, I think to go to the bathroom, and Kiddo asked to go to bed. It took her a good hour to wind down, but it was worth it. She had such a fun night. I feel honored to be able to still watch her have fun, and be involved. I am aware that it doesn’t last forever. 


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