Island Vibe

On our last day here, I find myself already reflecting a bit on what a wonderful place this is and what a fantastic time we have had, and why:

Full service: we are not responsible for anything but ourselves. We walk to breakfast and walk away. Same for lunch and same for dinner. When we walk back from breakfast, they have straightened our room, made our beds, and swept away the sand. It is AMAZING and it means that all our time is free time. And when Kiddo is asleep, we can do whatever we want, provided we watch over her so she doesn’t wake up and wander into the sea. So, basically, we can read our books, have a glass of wine, and sit and chat on the balcony, baby free, for a couple of hours. It is pretty beautiful. No grocery shopping, no filling gas, no cleaning up, no NOTHING. These are things that even make a regular vacation a little more anxious.

There are no machines here: OK so there is a kitchen, and there are fans and boats, but other than that? No hum of vacuum cleaners. No AC units. No cars – so no honking. The predominant sounds are birds, monkeys, the ocean, bugs, fans and people talking. The effect on my stress levels is probably measurable.

The climate: Man, it is hot. But once we had been here a few days, instead of sweating buckets, we were just mildly misting. It is so warm that you can be outside all day. You can sleep with your doors and windows open. The ocean is so warm that you could swim in the middle of the night (Hubby tried it!). It is like bathwater in the shallows, man! It is so warm in the shallows that when we first arrived, it wasn’t even cooling to get in, BUT, it means that you can stay in the water all day and never get cold. You know that phenomenon when you get into a pool that is colder than the air feels, and once you have gone in past your shoulders you have to stay there, otherwise you feel freezing out of the water? There is none of that, here. With a toddler, that is just HEAVEN. She spends 7 hours a day in the water or on the sand. It is fantastic.

Small town feel: We haven’t locked our door once since we have been here. There are no roads. The only people who could take our stuff are the staff, and they haven’t. We have macs and a fancy camera and two iPads and two mobile phones, not to mention to fancy watches. It is all as safe as they day we got it. Not just that, but there are only 7 chalets and dinner is served at the same time every night, so we all are there, chatting to each other, riffing off each other, sharing stories of the monkeys we saw or the bugs that got caught in our fans in the night, and enjoying the exotic life on the island together. When a family leaves, it shifts the dynamic, and you wonder who will arrive next. Even if you aren’t sole mates with everyone, you still get along and have something in common in that you chose to spend a few days in the same faraway paradise.

Toddler heaven: no one cares if Kiddo wears pants, if she swims all day, if she eat fries for lunch, or doesn’t eat anything. She tires herself out so much she asks to nap. And then she wakes up, eats dinner, faffs around a tiny bit and is ready for bed. It is fantastic. We have developed a rhythm that would suit us for months. No one is stressed about anything. My patience is skyhigh. Life is good.

So, people. Families with small kids. Couples, young and old. Looking for an island getaway? Come to Tioman! I haven’t been to any other resorts but Bagus Place has been amazing. Hubby and I have had the best part of our 4 month long trip here. You can´t get a better recommendation than that!


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