Welcome to Asia!



Singapore from our hotel room

I have been both excited and apprehensive about coming to Asia. I have been to Japan before. I am a quarter Japanese. But we are going to Singapore, a country I always sort of threw out the window. It´s just a stopover (and is for us, too). You can´t chew gum (I don´t regularly chew gum anymore, but it´s the principal!). It´s humid and hot and a shopping mecca (true!).

Singapore, however, is amazing. Sure, it is crowded, humid, muggy, and expensive (accommodations – not meals and transportation). It more than makes up for that for me for the Asia trifecta: they speak English, the food is amazing and pretty cheap, and it´s clean and efficient.


Chendol, a Singaporean dessert, and possibly my favorite dish while there. (Sweet tooth, hello!)

 Basically what we have done in Singapore is this: sit around in our air-conditioned room, go to the hotel pool, and eat at the mall. Seriously. I know it is dorky, especially for foodies, but they have some good food courts! It isn´t the best food in Singapore, we knew that, but it is really good, and it is all in one place, and it is a five-minute walk from our hotel. We had lots of dishes that were really tasty, including Char Siew Wonton Noodle and “Carrot Cake”, which is a radish cake and egg fry up. I also tried a Chendol, an amazingly weird looking dessert with shaved ice, red beans, gelatine strips, coconut milk and palm sugar. It was so good!

We met a friend of Hubby´s from university at a seafood restaurant on our last night, and he brought the local perspective that brought us down a notch on food courts and such. He said you have to really look for the tasty places, and we agreed, but said it was so easy to just wander around the mall grabbing tidbits and trying new things, while letting Kiddo play on the escalators and run around in the AC and not make any huge excursions. He couldn’t believe we didn’t even go to the zoo! We might during our layover between Tioman Island and Japan.

Anyway, we are off to Tioman for a week with no Internet. I keep feeling like telling people it is no electronics, but that isn’t true (I hope! All my reading is on my kindle!) I haven’t ever done a week without Internet since I was a teenager – since I started using the Internet basically! I am excited though. It will be a good test of how much my reading on eastern philosophy is paying off – how Zen I can be, and how lovely it is to enjoy the present.

We will stay at an all-inclusive resort, but not a “fancy” one, just an isolated one. They have to include meals because there is nowhere else to get a bite to eat! There are also monkeys roaming around, insects, jungles, and beach, beach, beach. 

I will surely be reporting back on how it all went. 


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