McLaren Vale – Winetasting Heaven in South Australia

Beautiful vines in McLaren Vale

Beautiful vines in McLaren Vale

Wow. We LOVED our two days in McLaren Vale.

What made it so great?

Friendly people.

Good wine.

Good food.

Super nice motel staff.

A happy kid that let us eat out one night, and ate a lot of food so was happy.

So, first I guess is the wine.  We went to a bunch of wineries that were super nice.

Fermenting grapes at a winery

Fermenting grapes at a winery

Paxton – Really friendly lady. We tried all the wines while Kiddo played with their box of toys. Hubby spoke with one of the winemakers on the way out. He was super friendly too.

Samuels Gorge – Small winery with only three wines to taste. Damn, that woman filled those glasses high! The staff was eating lunch while we were there, and they offered us to join them, but we declined. It didn´t seem like a genuine offer, but maybe it was?

Yangarra – The best wines we tasted in Australia, I think. They made us pay a tasting fee, but it was worth it. Really good reds. Biodynamic and organic. No toys, though. They are catering to an older crowd.

Kangarilla Road – Nice women working there, a large, impressive space, and lots of fun with Kiddo spitting water into the spittoon. Good Chardonnay!

Shottesbrooke – Lovely woman pouring for us. Super friendly. We bought some sparkling Shiraz because, um, sparkling red wine! That is novel to us! We talked about their labels and the best way to drink sparkling Shiraz (for her – “don’t drink it in the first place! But if you are, it´s good with brunch and eggs.”)

DogRidge – Good reds. I remember nothing about the tasting, though!

Alpha Box & Dice – Uber hip wine bar/tasting room/café/taxidermy house (just kidding, although there was an incident with a taxidermied fox that Kiddo found and was petting while we were tasting. That was quite a shock for me: “Look, Mama! Eyes! And a tongue!” Oh dear!) Wines were “eh”. Got some good tips on Adelaide from the young woman working there. She sat there writing us a list on what we should see and where to eat while ignoring two other customers. Whoops!

Battle of Bosworth / Spring Seed Wine Co – A cute place with some tasty summer whites and an adorable wine dog – a groodle or a Golden Retriever/Poodle named wombat. The main winery is Battle of Bosworth, but when they wanted to export to the US, the wine people said, “no way, Jose”, with the name Battle of Bosworth, so they started a whole new branch. I find that fascinating.

I think that was it.

Oh my, my memory is already fading. We had a nice dinner out at The Barn. It was expensive, but Kiddo sat still and happy watching her cartoons, coloring, playing with her water cup, and oh, eating a few bites too, so it was a memorably calm and nice dinner.

The owner of the motel was very nice and gave us a free hour of wifi to test if it was fast enough for us. It was. Best internet connection we had in Australia, except for in Robe, which was free, so that wins. They also let us check out an hour later so we could pack up all our stuff (in Adelaide we wouldn’t have a kitchen so all the kitchen stuff we acquired had to be used up or packed in our luggage or disposed of).

Anyway, that was the extent of what we did in McLaren Vale. Tasted wines, drank wines, ate food, and swam in the motel pool. It was great!


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