We came in Adelaide during the busiest time of the year. Did we know that when we planned our trip? Nope!

Adelaide is known as the “Festival State”, because every year in March, they have non stop festivals. The Adelaide Festival, Fringe, WOMADelaide, and Adelaide Cup. That last one is a public holiday, which means everything is closed. It is on a Monday, and we found out about the extent of the holiday on Sunday evening, after everything was closed. Oops!

We also came to Adelaide as they experience a heat wave (it wouldn’t be considered hot in Sydney, but it got up to 41 Celsius). We were melting.


Feeding the alpacas at the Adelaide Zoo.

The first day, we went to the zoo and had a great time. They had two pandas, of which we saw one, but Kiddo was more interested in the plastic pandas they had strewn around the panda enclosure. They have a lot of other animals, like nasty looking crocodiles and alligators way too close to the human visitors, in my opinion, and a couple of cute sea lions. They also have a petting zoo area with feisty deer and goats (one might have jumped up on me, while I tried to maintain composure in front of Kiddo), alpacas, hairy cows, kangaroos, wallabies and the cutest little marsupial hopper I have seen, a quokka. That was by far the best part of our visit to the zoo. They quokkas and kangaroos and wallabies let us pet them. You could buy food for them, and we did. The alpacas loved it.


Hubby the quokka whisperer.

The next two days we went to the beach. Hubby found a recommendation for a beach called Southport, and what a good recommendation it was. A vast, warm, breezy space with only enough parking for a few people, which we luckily were a part of. The first day we went to the more western part of the beach, and the second day, the more eastern. Both were lovely. Hubby dug her a swimming pool in the sand and she played with three sisters who were building sand structures. Well, I supervised so she didn’t rip their stuff down, which she is in the habit of doing.


Southport Beach in Adelaide.

Every night but the first, Hubby ran out to Rumble Street and got us take out. We ate noodles, pizza, lots of Asian food and a hamburger and fries. Every morning, we ate breakfast in the fancy downstairs buffet (we got a deal on Expedia that included breakfast). I discovered that I liked eggs benedict and LOVE breakfast beans.

We watched Masterchef and animal shows and hung out in the air conditioning. It was a lovely stay. I highly recommend Adelaide. It is a bit smaller, a bit more personal feeling, and just had a nice feel. 


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