Port Fairy on to Wine Country

I am not sure I can even claim to have stayed in Port Fairy, since all was saw was the Big4 Holiday Park. We woke up late, ate breakfast, spilled an entire plunger canister of coffee all over the kitchen, cleaned it up, and hit the road.

We decided to take the long route since it was the “coastal” route and the motel owner in the next town had told us it was a nice drive. We saw no coast and it added 40 minutes, but hey, nothing to cry over. We drove to Port Macdonnell and saw a woman swimming her horses in the sea, but she managed to get them out before we could document it with a photo. We went to the beach anyway and collected some beautiful shells and put our feet in the water. It was 35C out and punishingly hot for us temperate weather people. We went to the Fairy Penguin Colony at Cape Northumberland but didn’t spot any penguins. At that point we were all melting out of our skins so we moved onward to a little beach somewhere, and spent a lovely hour wading and drawing and spotting fishes and other toddler dream activities.

Then it was on to Beachport, the beach town that the motel man told us was must see.

Then it was on to Robe to spend the night.

What a cute little town Robe was! Old buildings from the 1870s, cute cafes, a nice but not crowded beach (12km of beach! Hello!). It was lovely. The motel we stayed in, the Best Western Melaleuca Motel and Apartments was fab. There was no kitchen but it was the first time with actual free Internet that worked! It was amazing.


We went to the beach for a bit that night, and then ate a salad in the room and watched Masterchef The Professionals. Then we searched for Singapore hotels for hours and hours. Man, what a tough hotel market!


The next morning, we took it super easy, went to an empty and beautiful beach in Robe, then drove on to McLaren Vale. First we visited Cape Jaffa Wines, a biodynamic winery with okay wines and a really friendly hostess. Then we stopped in Salt Creek, a no man´s land in the middle of Coorong National Park for a pee and some food for Kiddo, and then got back on the road.

McLaren Vale turned out to be a really lovely little town, but I will save that for the next post. 


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