Healesville – Our Stay in Yarra Valley

The rain was pounding as we approached Yarra Valley, and we were not too excited about the prospect of rain and wine tasting and a toddler in tow.

But the sun began to peak out behind the clouds right as we pulled into the Healesville Apartments. The place was amazing. A real upgrade to where we have been staying – totally fine places, but, this was legit. A full kitchen, a BBQ, two bedrooms, a bathtub, and a big comfy bed. Yes! Loving it.

We went to a couple wineries to start. We tried to go to an organic winery, Warratare, but it was closed. As was it´s neighbor winery, Yarra Yering. It appears that the Yarra Valley weekend is Tuesday and Wednesday. The exact days we will be here. Whoops! Bad planning.

We managed to hit up a couple of wineries, though, including Coombe Farm, where we sat on the deck and had the full attention of a lovely and chatty woman who you could just tell loved what she was doing. We bought some bubbles and a pinot noir. We also liked Punt Road, where we got lots of tasty rosé and some amazing apple and pear cider. The guy there was really nice too. Nice people in Yarra Valley. We went to St. Hubert and it was nice too. Finally we went to Yarra Valley Gateway Estate, which is a fancy food shop and winery and spent way too much money on overpriced but tasty “gourmet” food, like some grass fed pastured steaks.

That night we took Kiddo to the playground and then went home and grilled up the steaks and drank some of the wine we got. It was really fun.

We finally had some internet so we downloaded a bunch of new videos for Kiddo, but, she didn’t really like many of them (probably because I tried to find “propaganda” videos on eating healthy food, brushing your teeth, and so forth). She liked the Yo Gabba Gabba videos – so did I – but there were only a few for free on youtube. I will have to find more of those!


A dozing koala at the Healesville Sanctuary

The next day we went to the Healesville Sanctuary, which is sort of a local animal zoo. It was expensive, but fun. Not as fun as the Potoroo Palace, which was out of this world. We were going to hit up a winery or two afterwards, but we got a super late start (we made an Aussie fry up for breakfast, mmmm, and I wonder why my shorts feel tighter?!) and Kiddo fell asleep at the end of the zoo trip. So we hit the road so we could get to Melbourne before the traffic hit. We were both really excited for a bit of city and the foodie scene of Melbourne. It would be fun to compare the two “big cities” of Australia that sort of have a rivalry. 


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