Small town Australia in the rain

As we left Sydney, we drove through suburbs for about an hour before – BAM – national forest. Then we hit the rain. It had rained our last morning in Sydney, but we hoped we were escaping it. Actually, we were very lucky because Sydney experienced flooding and even two deaths just after we left. One day after we were past the area, the small seaside town of Kiama, about 80km from where we spent the night in Jervis Bay, experienced small tornado that wrecked a good amount of havoc.

So, we can´t feel too bad about the two nights we spent, in Huskisson (Jervis Bay) and Narooma, where all we did was sit in our motel rooms and watch TV. In Huskisson, we had about an hour of non-rainy skies, which we used to visit the beach and swim in the toddler pool. There was a whole bay full of shark egg cases, something we knew about because we saw them in the aquarium in Sydney. In Narooma, we had about the same, which we used to freeze our butts off in the motel pool.


Hanging out in our “fancy” motel in Narooma.

Both nights we ate salads in our rooms and drank local wines. One night we watched a documentary about the quakes in Christchurch, which was really interesting since we had driven through the city a week or so earlier. The other night we watched three Masterchef Australias in a row. It is our favorite show, so it was pretty awesome!

We drove through some cute towns, like Milton, a little foodie haven outside of Huskisson where we bought organic fruit and veg, organic bread, and even some tasty pastries. We tried to stop in at a winery but it was too busy.

We had a euphoric giggle after we spent a half hour right before checking out of the Sundowner Huskisson Motel looking for my kindle and the key to the motel room, both which seemed to totally have vanished from the earth, only to be found by me when I took a break to nurse Kiddo in the front seat. The Kindle was in the glove box, which was not where I left it (ahem, Hubby!). They key was on the floor underneath the glove box, meaning Hubby dropped it there while looking for the Kindle, but without checking the glove box itself. We went from thinking we were out $160 for the Kindle plus the case (lets not forget this would have been the second Kindle I lost or destroyed on the trip!) and probably $40 to replace the old school motel room key, to finding them both and averting the crisis. It felt like we just made $200. Psychology is funny like that.

It was sad to miss out on the beaches in those two coastal towns, but we stayed safe and dry, and managed to have a pretty good time regardless, so, we count that as a success. 


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