Mallacoota and environs

In Mallacoota, we finally got our sun.

We thought we wouldn’t, so on the way there, we stopped off at a wildlife park, Potoroo Palace, promising encounters with local Australian animals. Wow, what a good thing we stopped!


Elvis, the Tarran Wallaby that we befriended, with the help of some kangaroo pellets

They had Frog Mouthed Tawneys, which we had never heard of but got to see up close and personal. They really do have froggy mouths. All that is missing is the ribbit! We got to feed Elvis the Tarran Wallaby, and a couple of kangaroos, and three emus that were just walking around. All of those animals were just walking, or, erm, hopping, around the park. We also saw a Koala, some dingos, an echidna, flying foxes and lots of reptiles. The only one we didn’t get a peek at was the wombat. It was seriously the best animal experience we have had here, and we have been to several world-class zoos and an aquarium. It was special because it was so unique.  If you have kids (or NOT, we might have liked it more than Kiddo, actually), and are in the area, definitely stop. The best $17 AU entry fee yet.

Kiddo slept like a rock after that, obviously, and didn’t wake up until we got to Mallacoota. She was tired of the car and so we immediately went to the beach, even though it wasn’t sunny. We got a walk in, Kiddo got to splash a little, and we found shark teeth and cool shells. We made it back to the car just before the skies exploded with rain, so we had a cozy night in a really cute motel room (Blue Wren Motel).

The next morning we had a fabulous two plus hours on the same beach before hitting the road. We got take away lunch from a local diner, including two huge milkshakes, which obviously Kiddo loved, and then took off for Lakes Entrance. This was a little less friendly and cute of a town, but we went for a swim in the motel pool and ate local shrimp on bread – classic Norway – and hit the hay early. 

A great 24 hours, for sure!


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