Breakfasts on the road

This morning as we ate the “big brekky” – that is Australian slang – that Hubby cooked for us (a fried egg, sausage, a grilled tomato and toast), we started talking about what we have eaten for breakfast. We are still in our third country on the road, the first of which was the US, so that leaves just two different breakfasts to get used to.

At my parents, we either ate nothing (Hubby) in order to stay hungry for the other two huge meals or the day, or yogurt/fruit/chia drinks (me). Or we both had toast with cheese or something more akin to Norwegian breakfast. We drank coffee every morning. Alternatively, we went out and ate hundreds of calories of pancakes or something.

In Hawaii, it depended on where we stayed, but mostly we ate either yogurt and fruit or bread and cheese. On Kauai we ate out several times because we found this fab restaurant that had organic produce grown on the property. In Honolulu we ate out once at a hipster café because I had practiced yoga in the morning and was starving and required food immediately. In New Zealand we ate toast, yogurt, and eventually big English breakfasts for the last few days when had a place with a proper kitchen. In Sydney we ate out since we stayed in one tiny bedroom. Breakfasts were really tasty there, but ex-PEN-sive. Everywhere since Portland has had amazing fresh fruit and veg, especially tropical fruit and stone fruit. For me, this has been one of the most fun parts of the whole “escaping winter” thing – back home I would be eating apples, apples and…dried fruits, probably. Here it is literally (antipodean) summer, with all the fresh harvest that brings.

Anyway. Most of the time on this trip, we ate in, and we were talking about how nice that is. Usually, I associate eating breakfast out with (a city) vacation. (When we spend the summer at the cottage, we never eat out for five weeks!) Vacation in that sense means not planning ahead, having someone serve me a cute little teapot that I don’t have to clean afterwards, and getting to pick out whatever I want from the menu. But since we are gone for so long, it is actually really nice to have one long stretching weekend feeling, where we lounge around various motel rooms and b&bs, drinking coffee (Hubby) and herbal tea (me – I have tried to wean myself from daily coffee since I so quickly experience severe withdrawal which is annoying if one day we cant get any caffeine in my system), while Kiddo gets to run around – and no one cares!

We talked about how nice it is that we both like good food (and coffee, and beer, and wine!), so that having a nice meal makes the day feel like an accomplishment. We found a cute little food shop the other day that is only open on Saturday, I think, and sells only organic and/or biodynamic food. We got steaks, breakfast sausages, lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, peaches and jam. It was all delicious. We just ate the last of that food this morning, which was sad but fun. What will we find to eat next?

In about two weeks we will be moving on to Asia. That will bring a whole new dimension to food. Probably, it will be awesome. Kiddo loves rice, noodles, edamame and chicken katsu, but we wonder if she will like Singaporean food and Malaysian food. What will WE eat for three meals a day? But we are excited, and if it is anything like these past few months, it will be sumptuously satisfying. 


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