Arriving in Sydney

Sydney started off as being a bit…interesting…because of bad planning.

We had such bad internet connections in New Zealand, that we barely could plan the road trip there and couldn’t find the time to start planning Sydney. Eventually, we looked and the hotels were so expensive it was laughable.

My friend, who lives in Sydney, told us to check out some pubs, since they have rooms above them for cheap. Well, TripAdvisor told us that was a bad idea: I have never seen such low ratings! One reviewer said, “Only if you are desperate!” Eek! (Once we arrived I saw some of these places. They looked pretty tired. Staying there falls into the category of: “We could have done this if we didn’t have a kid.”)

So we turned to airbnb, and eventually decided on something that was not at all central, but was so cheap that we could justify renting a car to get around.

The place was a private room in a family house. It was…fine. But I don’t know what we were thinking. Well, part of it was the lady had posted a picture of the bedroom on offer as their master bedroom, which had a nice big bed and lots of space. What we got was their oldest daughter´s old bedroom, which was a double (it was possibly a queen, it just felt small) bed and barely enough floor space for our suitcases. It wasn’t in a different part of the house, which is what we are used to. Their three other kids slept, with open doors, in the two bedrooms next to and across from us. We all shared a bathroom.

The first night, we had a nice chat with the family and shared dinner (she had asked us in advance if we wanted her to cook us dinner for a small extra charge). They were nice people. She was German and he was English and they had just spent 6 months living in Germany so the kids could go to school there and improve their language skills. We asked what time the kids went to sleep and she told us 8pm, which it was basically, right then. She added that she went to sleep at 9pm. We said we were going out to see our friend and she seemed surprised and then said she would leave the light on. We drove into Manly, about 8 minutes away, and hung out with my friend at his apartment, which was fun. I haven’t seen him since our wedding, almost five years ago. When we got back, everyone was asleep. We felt like we were teenagers sneaking back in late at night, even though I think it was only 10:15pm. We tried to find all our stuff in the dark, and as I brushed my teeth with my electric toothbrush in the dark, I felt sure that I would wake up all their kids. But I didn’t.

The next three nights were similar. We arrived back a little later each night, finally coming at 11:30pm on the last night, and I felt like an elephant in a glass house.

All in all, it was actually a good place to have no privacy and sleep wedged between three strange children. Since we saw either my friend or Hubby´s friends each night, and were out touring the city each day, we really only needed a place to sleep. And that is what it was.

Next time, we will try to think a little more through what we are signing up for so we don’t feel a bit jipped when we arrive. We might ask, for example, “is the room on a separate floor from where you sleep?” and “With whom will we be sharing a bathroom?”

Still, for approximately %500 percent less than most of the hotels we found, we had a perfectly find place to sleep. We really can’t complain.



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