We rolled into Geraldine not being sure what to expect. We had booked a “holiday park”, which is like a KOA on steroids, for my US readers. They have campsites and powered sites, but also cabins for those who aren’t traveling by caravan or campervan.

We paid $90 NZ for an ensuite cabin (bathroom attached instead of 500m away in a central location). When we opened the door and saw the place, $90 seemed…a bit stiff. But then. We saw the part of the park that gives it its name: the Farmyard Holiday Park.

This place was swimming with animals. There were bunnies, guinea pigs, Kuni pigs (12 of them!), donkeys, geese, chickens, chicks, and even wallabies! When I read the description on the internet, I thought maybe there would be a 5 square meter area with a pig, a chicken, a bunny, and a donkey. Whoa. I was wrong.

Not only did this place have animals, but it had a kid´s paradise. It had swings and see saws (three of them!), a fire pit, a concrete boat, a concrete car, a fake submarine, a tire bridge, a marimba made out of pipes, and a tire course. It was crazy! We met someone who told us that there are sometimes 400 kids here in the summer. Wow. We were glad it wasn´t summer holidays!

So, the $90 not only covered our accommodation for the night, but this amazing activity of the evening – seeing all the animals, AND a free donkey ride the next morning. Kiddo LOVED it. She rode the donkey for probably a half hour. Since there weren’t many other kids, it was fine, and no one cared. That is pretty sweet. A 15 minute pony ride in Australia costs $25 Australian, from one place I found. So, it was a steal, basically.

We met some strange characters, ate some food, bought some cheese (Geraldine is known for their cheese production) and hit the road again.

It was a short but very sweet visit for our little fam. 


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