We drove into Wellington around 1pm on a beautiful day, and we wished we had more time there, even from the first moment.


Two minutes after we arrived in Wellington, this is what we were doing. Aahhhhhhh!

There was an amazing kid´s beach, with a playground that Kiddo took too immediately. No surprise after she had just been in the car for almost 4 hours. All I can say is, thank god for the iPad, and for the sweet disposition of our little girl.

We met my friend from the UN in Geneva for lunch at Beach Babylon. Hubby got the lamb burger, I got the falafel burger and my friend got breakfast. Then Hubby got a coffee and I got a chocolate milkshake that was definitely, no questions asked, the best chocolate milkshake of my life. Or maybe I was just craving sugar 😉


Best Chocolate Milkshake of my life. At Beach Babylon in Wellington, NZ. 

We went to the hotel – The Wellesley Boutique Hotel – a splurge because we wanted to be central since we only had about 18 hours to spend in the city, and it was a great old building. The ceilings in our room had to be about 12 feet high. The bathroom had a clawfoot tub, and what did Kiddo want to do but take a bath immediately. So we did, and it was awesome.

We proceeded to spend all the 200 MGs of internet we were allotted in about 30 minutes trying to find the next place to stay. The internet in New Zealand really is from the 90s. We spoke to a woman later on who said they have made a choice to not be well connected. I get that, I do, but it is frustrating since we planned to use internet every evening to plan the trip on the go, and allow for making last minute changes. We really do live in a wireless age. I looked through guidebooks on New Zealand and Australia, but we decided not to buy any since we are going to so many countries it would have been a heavy load to carry.

Anyway, we finally found a place for the next night, in Kaikoura, so we could go and meet my friend again. Her flatmate, a part Maori who is working for the surpreme court in New Zealand, is also a singer, and she was singing jazz at an Italian restaurant in town. We took a very sketchy taxi to their flat, ate some fries, and walked down to the café. Kiddo was obsessed with the band, obviously, and at one point the singer offered up her egg shaker, and then had to ask us nicely to take it back, since Kiddo´s enthusiastic but off rhythm beats were throwing the band off their songs. 

We had to go since Kiddo was getting restless. We got the worst burger of our life at BurgerFuel (couldn’t we have guessed?) and went back to pack up our stuff and try to enjoy the nice room. Sleep tight, Wellington, I wish I got to see more of you! Next time. 


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