Hawke´s Bay – Napier

I don’t remember tons about Hawke´s Bay. I can’t believe it was only a week ago.

Here is what I recall:

  • It had a nice feel to it – it was our favorite place up to that point on the North Island. Normal people walking around town, going to school, buying groceries, walking their dogs…
  • Our motel, the Asure Colonial Motel in Napier, was amazing. It was clean and had a pool and a trampoline, which, combined with a king sized comfortable bed and a large, clean bathroom is sort of a rarity in the lower range motels in New Zealand. We almost wished we could stay another day just because the motel was so nice!
  • Our first experience with wine tasting in New Zealand was great. The people were nice, if not too knowledgable, and the wineries had toys, and one even had a playground (Unison winery)!  We loved the people at Te Whera. The woman working there was German and moved to New Zealand for love (that sounds farmiliar)! We went to Ash Ridge, where the farmer was the one helping us. We learned a lot. Lastly we went to Salvare, which was “famous” for their wine slushy. Wow, we were so snooty about it but it was delish! If only they billed it as sorbet or something, and not frozen wine. Not sure you will see that for sale in Oslo…or wait, maybe you will! I can see it at Champagneria, actually.
  • We went out to a nice meal at a winery restaurant (Vidal wines), and it was empty and Kiddo got to run around their garden area. Plus, they had the best kid´s plate ever, even though, being a fancy restaurant, it was spendy. They recommended the Waipara wine region, which benefited our whole trip because we ended up spending two nights there later and had the best part of our New Zealand trip. We didn’t have dessert because we thought kiddo was toast, but she ended up staying up 3 more hours. Whoops!

Best kid´s plate ever! At Vidal Restaurant and Winery in Hastings, NZ

I think that is about all. There was a petting zoo I wanted to visit but we didn’t have time. We drove by a few really nice looking playgrounds but also didn’t have time to stop. I have to recommend Napier and the region as a stop to anyone driving through the North Island. 


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