After talking to our airbnb hosts, friends, and random strangers in cafés, we decided to change our plans and drive from Auckland to Queenstown.

Auckland has been good – we are staying in Ponsonby, which is the most walkable restaurant area, but it is not THAT walkable. Also, it is expensive. We decided to rent a car to get around. It would have been cheaper with taxis, the first few days, we found out later, but it is so nice to have the flexibility – and the place to store you crap.

In Auckland, we went to the zoo for a whole day. It was lovely. Kiddo got to feed the giraffe, and it was amazing. They had two of the happiest river otters I have ever seen. They had two cheetahs that they walk, on a leash, each morning. They do the same with their pig. I have seen a show on Animal Planet about the Auckland Zoo, but being there in person was dang fun. It wasn’t as huge as I thought it would be, but it was a great zoo.


We ate great take out thai and drank local wine one night, and the next night we had drinks with the airbnb hosts and chatted for awhile before eating fresh corn for dinner. It was so sweet, it was impossible for hubby to finish it. Weirdly sweet.

One morning we drove around for two hours trying to find exercise bands for me. The first store was closed, the second store was out, and the third store was a factory where they made them themselves. They were all muscle heads. I was almost embarrassed to say what I needed them for, but I got something that sort of would work. (Actually, I got pull up support bands, because the other resistance bands they sold were too lightweight – so now my workouts have too be modified to use these new bands, but it is ok because I was getting pretty tired of P90x2! That is for another post though.) I was more embarrassed that we used half the day to buy crap so I could workout, but Hubby and I both know what a huge benefit it is if I have gotten at least a modicum of exercise.

We went to the Auckland Museum, which is actually great! Kiddo walked in and was oohing and aahing over everything. And then we went to the kid´s floor! There were drawers and drawers of bugs and butterflies, sand, puzzles and all sorts of fun stuff for kids. We spent an hour there, until we needed to find some food. 

We were starving and beginning to have degenerating moods so Hubby had to literally take the wheel and get us some food fast. We ended up in the Victoria neighborhood within Freeman´s Bay at Atico Cocina, which has Caribbean tapas. It was really good. Kiddo napped under the table. Seriously. It was perfect.

We got some energy out at the playground across the street and talked about how nice the area would be if it didn’t have tons of highways and overpasses nearby. They should put it underground, we decided 😉

That evening we had a nice chat over a drink with our hosts while Kiddo played with their daughters. She NEVER likes to play with other kids, and she was letting them take her to their rooms. It was really fun to watch. 

That about wrapped up our short stay in Auckland. 


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