Catching up – Welcome to New Zealand

What a smooth trip!

We did our best to tire out Kiddo all day. We went swimming at the beach, played back in the room until check out, ate lunch out while she napped, and then went to the zoo until it closed. Then we took a taxi to the airport, went through security like a breeze, and found the Air New Zealand lounge.


OMG. Kid´s paradise! There was a whole room for kids to play in. It was full of toys, books, and legos. Hubby and I had a beer and some light food while Kiddo played by herself.  Then we each played with her for a bit. We had come to the airport almost 3 hours early because we wanted to make sure everything was ok for the flight – mainly the seats. So after we were through security and everything, that left 2 hours for her to play, almost. It was just so perfect I have to gush about it. Seriously, there should be something like that in the main terminal. It would be to everyone´s benefit to have kids nice and intellectually and physically tired out before they get on a plane.

So she fell asleep practically immediately, and I held her on my lap until the fasten seatbelt sign went off and then I laid her down on her seat. She wasn’t very comfortable for awhile, but she still slept. She slept the whole next eight hours. It was beautiful. 🙂

A person on the flight had a medical emergency. I think it was a heart attack. A couple of doctors rushed to help, but we didn’t turn back, so I think they were ok. It did mean, however, that the cabin service was suspended, so we didn’t get dinner until about 3 hours into the flight. That was slightly awkward, mostly because I like to scarf my plane meal down and then try to sleep – ESPECIALLY since my toddler was asleep. It is hard to be annoyed when someone else is suffering though, so I think everyone was pretty patient. But I was glad I ate a light meal in the lounge.

Also, we ordered vegetarian meals, because we are trying to only eat organic or at least free range chickens and meats, and plane food almost certainly doesn’t have that. Additionally, I am pretty sure our meals were tastier. We got roasted veg and potato for dinner, with a fruit cup, organic soy milk, and a salad. For breakfast we got butternut squash and greens and brown rice, with a fruit cup. It was great 

I watched two movies: Pitch Perfect, which Hubby never would have watched with me, and Brave, which is too scary for Kiddo yet, but I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t watched it, so that was good.

Anyway, Kiddo slept all the way until we were almost through customs. We declared the food we had, and these two shells that Kiddo and I found on the beach. They were fine, and I was relieved that we didn’t try to sneak them in. I was also relieved that they didn’t confiscate our Kona coffee. 🙂

We got a SIM card for my phone, and one for Hubby´s ipad, so we can use the GPS and find our way around, and make calls to hotels and restaurants and things. Then we got our preordered cab, drove to our airbnb place, and were let in, at 7:30am! Talk about a perk of airbnb!

Then we found a café that had a sandbox in the courtyard. Hubby and I had breakfast and a cup of coffee while she played by herself. We ALMOST felt like we were on a flashback to our childless days. Pretty fun…for a minute.

All in all, the flight was smooth, the people are friendly, and our accommodations seem great. Welcome to New Zealand!


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