Whale Watching

I never wrote the post on whale watching from Maui!

Sunrise from Maui on our whale watching catamaran.

Sunrise from Maui on our whale watching catamaran.

I just wanted to briefly write that we went on a two-hour sunrise trip with the Pacific Whale Foundation out of Ma´alea, and loved it.

We saw all the kinds of whale behaviors one hopes for: tale flips, mama and baby whales side by side, whale “singing” through the hydroscope, aggressive males showing off with their tales, and finally, a double breech, right in front of our boat. In addition, we had a whale pop out of the water about 30 feet from our boat. US law does not allow a boat to approach within 100 yards of a whale and mandates that the boat be in the neutral gear if it ever finds a whale within that 100 yard distance, so we got to float there while the whale was squirming around on the surface of the water for a few minutes, until we drifted away from each other.

The boat was nearly empty, so we could move around and get front row seats wherever the whales were active.

The temperature was amazing. It was cool in that summer morning way, with a light breeze and a beautiful blue sky.

Kiddo was only awake for a half hour, after which she slept in the Ergo and let us enjoy the trip without any antics (I was slightly worried about a “Wanna get down! Wanna go in the water! Wanna go swimming!” reel from her.) She was really excited though about having seen the whales, though, so that was a success.

I couldn’t have asked for a better splurge activity in Hawaii.


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