Hopefully, without too much of a TMI, I can tell you that sometimes, I am hormonal. I am really really trying to combat this, to be Zen and mindful and happy throughout any fluxes in my body´s chemical composition, but sometimes, my hormones get the best of me.

But when you are breastfeeding, your kid is also exposed to the hormones you have coursing through your system. Well, I haven’t read about this actually happening, but I have confirmed it with anecdotes from my friends. Good science, you know. (Even if it doesn’t actually happen, they certainly pick up on your less than stellar moods – fact!)

Yesterday, when we were trying to leave the house, I was just…off. I was trying so hard to be calm and present and happy, but I was just pissy. I didn’t want to leave the house. I especially didn’t want to leave the house when Kiddo was specifically asking to stay home, because she, too, was pissy. 

Turns out we both just needed a kick in the pants, though, because after some whining and antisocial behavior from both Kiddo and me, Dada succeeded in getting Kiddo interested in the beach by luring her to look for crabs, and he told me he brought the weight lifting bands so that I could burn off some energy doing my P90x2 workout using the trees. It also helped that we both happened on the fact that I probably was hormonal at the same time and could have an “aha” moment, and also laugh together about it.

After that, we had a nice day at the beach. 


Kiddo playing drums at the beach


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