Another nice day in Kauai

Today we slept in, lounged around, and went to our favorite farm to table spot, The Garden Café, for lunch.

I had the best lunch ever. It was amazing. It was a special, and I think we are going to go back tomorrow to try to eat it again! It was a veggie wrap with Asian pesto, avocado, green beans, beets, sprouts, and marinated eggplant, served with a big salad topped with green papaya with an avocado dressing. I seriously had a party in my mouth. It sounds…healthy…but I promise it was delish.

We went to visit their sheep and stumbled upon one of the farm interns that was bottle feeding two lambs that had been abandoned by their mother. The intern had adopted them and was feeding them every few hours around the clock, since they were born. It was a humbling experience. And a bit ironic, I suppose, since these sheep were being bred for meat, so these two lambs would be pets, and all the lambs the mothers accepted would be on the…lamb burger track.


Twin baby lambs that became pets of the farm interns when their mama abandoned them.

Then we drove to Poipu and scoped out some of their beaches. We saw whales in the distance, another blowhole, a farmer´s market, the secret private estate of Robert Allerton (that is now a garden or something – Queen Emma, the wife of Kamahameha III used to live here, so it has royal roots). Poipu is the more posh area of Kauai, together to Hanalei in the North, which we haven’t made it to yet.

It was nice to see easily accessible beaches and pretty palms and manicured lawns, but you really do get the feeling that the locals have to give up their prettiest spots so that tourists could have their resorts. That is a bit sad. But it sure is amazingly beautiful.


A fancy resort/golf club/private something or other near Poipu

We had tasty tacos at Tiki Tacos in Kapa´a. They had blocks that Kiddo played with at dinner, which was amazing. The tacos were pretty damn awesome too. Huge. The owner tried to tell us that one would probably be enough if we weren’t too hungry, so we each got two 😉


Tiki Tacos mmmmmmm

We had a nice evening: we all watch The Lorax together. It was good! It is fun that Kiddo likes to watch movies now. A fun thing to do at night together when we all need a good relaxing few hours.

Thanks, Kauai, for a great day. 


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