West Maui

It has been an interesting few days. On Thursday, we drove around West Maui. We wanted to try a West Maui beach and did, but we weren’t as impressed with the beaches there when compared both to the South Shore and The Big Island. We are spoiled already!

Kapalua beach was small, crowded and windy, and the water was colder. I went for a short swim since we stopped to get me some ocean goggles and Hubby a snorkel. I saw lots of cool fish while I swam. Aquarium fish, we like to call them – bright colored and with bizarre and intricate shapes and fins. Really cool to see.

We took the windy northern road home for a change of scene. We saw this cool spot along the coast where the waves press water under a lava shelf and force water through a hole, making a blowhole. We passed through a tiny village, Kahakuloa, where our guidebook says was a stand that sold the best banana bread in the world. He writes that it makes his mouth hurt it tastes so good. So we had to stop. They were out, though, except for some small samples. It was dang good banana bread, it´s true! I have seen more banana bread in Maui than at all the bake sales or teas I have been to, combined. I guess it is because they have such amazing tasting bananas.


Kahakuloa village

It was a beautiful drive. It seems like not as many people drive this way as they drive to Hana. We decided to skip the drive to Hana since we spent the day driving around West Maui. 


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