Okay, I like it.

Yesterday we found a farm to table restaurant with tasty but probably overpriced food. They had sheep that had recently had lambs. Kiddo was in heaven. We talked a bit with the head gardener. He talked about the challenges and benefits of growing vegetables in a tropical climate – how the winter is too wet for tomatoes and the roosters love to come steal his baby kale.

The garden that feeds the restaurant.

The garden that feeds the restaurant.

Later, even though Kiddo said she wanted to stay home, we decided to at least check out the beach that is so close to our place, ´Aliomanu beach. I was skeptical because our guidebook said it was used for locals to cast fishing nets and that sometimes there was a seaweed problem, that made it smell. BUT, it was deserted, clean, and had amazing tide pools where Hubby and Kiddo played for a long time. It was a low key outing and fun for the whole family.

Back home, I braved the shower, which is in a outside area together with the composting toilet. The owner made it seem like it was going to be too hot and that it was not adjustable, but it was the perfect temperature for me, and since I had been bracing myself, it was that much more enjoyable to rinse the day (and post workout sweat) off.

We had talked about going out for dinner, but decided to stay in and eat tuna sandwiches instead. They have Netflix TV here, and after Kiddo watched a bunch of Shaun the Sheep, Hubby and I watched TWO indie movies together, Goats about a 15 year old leaving his new age mother in Arizona to go to prep school, and Bernie, a true story about a mortician that befriends a wealthy widow at her husband´s funeral, becomes her right hand man, and then kills her. It was a really fun night! Hubby and I haven’t watched a movie together (other than what we stumble upon on TV) in ages. We haven’t watched TV since our trip began, which is nice, but it IS undeniably (for me) a nice thing to do every once in a while, when you want to relax and do something free or cheap, but not each be reading a separate book or doing a separate hobby.

Anyway, I am having a really nice time in the boons of Kauai.


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