Vacationing while sick

I haven’t been feeling well for a few days. Normally, when I am sick at home, my routine is something like this: buy some fresh couple of garlic, eat a couple of crushed cloves every few hours, and drink lots of fresh juice and hot water with lemon and try to get lots of rest.

So, when I woke up feeling a bit iffy a few days ago, I didn’t have any garlic. I didn’t have any healthy food, really, either. (We have been eating bread and cheese for lunch, with some greens or hummus, but in general, not many vegetables.) I figured I could make it through the day, but it was a long day of driving around and entertaining the kid and eating bread and cheese and I didn’t get any garlic or veg until around 6pm. That night was ok – I took some Advil and slept well, but the next day I fought through my fatigue and icky feelings, when I should have lounged around.


I ate this nourishing salad…but only after I was hit hard by bugs.

And instead of drinking water and tea that evening, I shared wine with Hubby, which was really stupid. As a reward, I spent the whole night in bed feeling like I had the flu – feverish and achy and yucky.

It is practically inevitable that on a 5-month trip one will get sick. What I should have remembered was that it is okay to ask your family for some leeway. Asked for a lounge around day. Asked for help so I could go to sleep early. Bowed out of the conviviality of an evening drink so that I could take Advil and sleep well.

I think the worst has passed for me this round. I hope Hubby doesn’t get it and I definitely hope Kiddo doesn’t get it. It is one thing to suffer through illness yourself, but another to watch your loved ones be sick and not be able to do much to help them. 


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