Hello, Maui

It didn’t take us long to get to Maui. The flight from Kona is just lift off and landing. I am amazed that they had time to serve coffee.

Maui is a bigger airport, but we navigated easily. I am living up these airport experiences where the script is still Roman and the language is English. The Asian leg might be a little more stressful.


Maui looks very different from the Big Island! No, really!


We immediately went to do some food shopping. Costco has the cheapest pineapple, and we got most of our sandwich and breakfast supplies for the whole stay for about $15. Pretty good deal! Then we went to Mana Foods because I had read that it is the best place to get organic stuff on Maui. Wow. It was basically a mecca for natural foodies like us. A hot food bar where we got an Asian noodle salad that Kiddo loved, a salad bar, loads of organic and/or raw dairy, organic, grassfed local beef, uncured grassfed hotdogs, fresh amazing organic fruit and veg, and pastries to die for. It is not cheap, as nothing in Hawaii is, but the markup is not bad, and I would say it is reasonably priced for what you are getting. Even so, we made up for our Costco savings on some steaks and broccoli for dinner, some hummus and sprouts for our lunches, and some vegan chocolate cake for dessert.

Finally, we went to go check out our airbnb digs for the next few days. We turned away from the sea and started driving up, and up, and up! The hosts run a small organic garden as well as a spiritual/relationship retreat company in Makawao, Maui. If you saw the place and then heard that description, you would nod and say that made sense because, for one, they call the property the Sacred Garden, and otherwise, it just looks like someone with a very laidback attitude runs things. Plus the books in our place read like a self-help bookstore shelf from 1995.

The house we are renting is amazing. Big and clean, it even sports a king size bed, so we are getting the first good sleep since we came (since Kiddo is getting bigger and uses up more space than a little doll in the middle of us). The kitchen is large and there is a patio with a small table, although I don’t think we will use it because in the 3 minutes we were exploring the grounds, we each got 3+ huge, itchy mosquito bites. The host told us there are bugs around, but not as many as if you go “off into the jungle”. Ok so I am not doing that 😉


“Baby beach” in Central Maui. Would not have found this without our host´s directions.


The host recommended a good toddler beach and off we went for a few hours. Kiddo didn’t love it because it was too busy, so she clung to me like glue, but we got some sun, sand and surf in our systems for a bit. Good stuff.

All in all, I am really looking forward to spending the next few days here!


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