Goodbye, Kona

Our last tidbit in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island was great.

We met up with a friend of mine from high school at a resort she was staying at, which happens to have the highest rated beach on the island, Mauna Kea. It was pretty amazing. Beautiful white sand, pounding surf, and…not crowded, because they have seriously limited parking places. We snuck past that since we were the guest of a guest. It was a sweet deal.

We had burgers and fries at Ultimate Burger before heading back to the airbnb place to pack. The hosts met us and chatted a bit. They are really nice people and I am glad our lodging budget in Kona went to them.

We made it to the airport with more weight in baggage than we had when we arrived, probably because we were trying loads of organic Kona and Ku´a coffees and were taking lots of open bags with us. The same with macadamia nuts. We were not the only ones with this problem, it seemed. Loads of people were getting slapped with the option of paying $25 or throwing away the $50 of Hawaiian tourist food purchases they´d acquired. Obviously we paid the $25 

The airport was crowded and hot, but generally people were friendly and smiling. I think the only ones who weren’t were those who were not heading to another island, but heading home!

Thanks for a wonderful stay, The Big Island!



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