A blissful day on Maui

Kiddo and I awoke to the smell of fresh coffee. Ahhhh, could life get better? Yes!

We lazed about a bit and headed off to Big Beach on Maui´s South Shore. We picked our lodgings based on the fact that beach front was too pricey, and if we were in the hills above Central Maui we could get anywhere on the island in about an hour and a half. Big Beach showed us that the South Shore is only about 40 minutes away. Score!


We used our guidebook´s insights to skip the main parking lot and park along the road at the end of the beach, where it is way less busy. We had a huge slice of beach mostly to ourselves for the whole day.

I picked up shells with Kiddo for a bit and then Hubby spent the rest of the day building up and maintaining a “swimming pool” in the sand: a wall around to trap the water and an inlet to let in water that could be closed off by dumping sand from the outer wall on top of it.


Watching them work on it, digging, enjoying the pool, watching as the water seeped back into the beach, seeing Kiddo stand up at look at her dad and the ocean and ask for, “Hey! More water! More water…please?!” and then watching her face light up when a swell came that was big enough to refill the pool reminded me of everything awesome about being a parent.

How many adults would do that kind of activity unbidden, if not to spend time with and entertain a child? I spent some of the time they were building the pool reading my book, but most of the time I watched, helped, or was otherwise in the thick of it with them. This is it, folks; this is my family, my adventure, my LIFE that is happening. We get to be side by side these little people all day long (if we are lucky, as Hubby and I are right now), watching them explore the world, learning words and expressions, communicating, seeing things for the first time, and knowing that we – their parents – are there for them all the time. I love it. I feel incredibly lucky that Kiddo gets BOTH her parents full time for the whole duration of this trip. I want to, as much as possible, live all the moments alongside both Kiddo and Hubby. We might only get to do this kind of thing once.

Anyway, we had a great day at the beach, stopped for fish tacos in Paia, got some soft serve and headed home. 

Even if our adventure ended tomorrow, I would feel happy. 


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