Midnight vomit

Last night we awoke to Kiddo dry heaving. We bed-share, mind you, so this was all happening front and center. And the stakes were higher, since any wet-heaving was gonna end up where we were spending the next several hours of shut eye! We were both lucid enough to be immediately awake, and I was so lucid as to sit Kiddo up, lean her over the side of the bed, and position my hands in front of her mouth.

All the puke went into my hands and down the front of her shirt, with a few chunks landing in the hair and one lone chunk on the pillow. Nix on the floor. Nix on the sheets. 

It was a very sad thing to watch Kiddo in distress, but it was over quickly and I have to say, if there was going to be a midnight puke episode, that was the best one ever!


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