Hubby and I woke up early and enjoyed a morning of drinking fancy coffee and faffing on our computers. We packed a lunch so that we could stay at the beach all day. We decided not to fix what wasn’t broken – we headed to Kikaua beach again. On the way we got a bit anxious that the 27 parking spaces would fill up before we got there, but there was no need to worry. When we pulled up at 9:20am, we were the 4th car in the lot!

Mmm lunch!

Mmm lunch!

On the way there, Kiddo was “singing” her little song about going to “da BEACH!”. There is no real tune, just a kid super happy and using the words she knows to communicate her excitement. “Da BEACH! Der! Hey, BEACH!” *Melt*

Kiddo did the same thing as the day before and plunked down 5 feet from the end of the walkway. We nabbed a spot in the shade and got to business playing in the sand. We splashed and sang, built towers, made friends, found rocks, peed in the water (haha) and ate some snacks. Eventually everyone else left to go home and eat lunch I guess. We were almost the only ones there. Kiddo napped on a towel, we read our books and ate a tuna sandwich.

In the afternoon, we swam, Hubby snorkeled, and we built sand structures.

We packed up at around 5pm and headed out to find dinner. Before that, we witnessed an interesting scene with a small wedding party. They pulled up in a few cars and got out. The bride was wearing a red dress and was barefoot. The groom was wearing a linen suit and was barefoot. They had a toddler in a tuxedo t-shirt. They were fighting. They didn’t know where the beach was, or how to get there. They asked us. Well, the bride´s MOTHER asked us as the bride and groom stood there bickering. I pointed them in the direction. Later, the bride´s father, I think, came back down the path and asked us if we knew a way to drive directly to the beach. I said I didn’t think so, and ran to the car for my guide book which has a map of the area. I showed him, and he distractedly thanked me and walked off. We told him, “good luck!” and he said, “It´s not me that needs the luck – it´s those two – they are the ones getting married!” Oh dear.

Later the whole wedding party came back and said that it was the wrong beach, or at least the minister wasn’t there. I couldn’t believe that they would set out to have a sunset wedding on a beach in Hawaii and not know which beach it was or have a rehearsal or check with the minister.

It was sad to think about bickering on your wedding day, but I suppose it is quite common. I wonder if I will think about this pair and their little kiddo from time to time, hoping they made it!

Anyway, we drove around a bit and got dinner from a hole in the wall place. I needed a bathroom badly so I used one I otherwise would have skipped. Kiddo stuffed rice into her face for dinner. We came home and crashed. All in all a good second beach day!


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