Transition to Island Life

We have arrived in Hawaii! It is glorious.

The flight was smooth. Kiddo took off her pants during the Portland-San Francisco flight and refused to put them on again. (By the time we got to the Kona airport, she was shoeless, too.) She slept the whole 5 hour second flight, and I tried to enjoy it even though I was worried she would be up all night. She wasn’t. The car rental was super smooth. Some lady in the line saw me running after Kiddo and said, “Hey, look! The naked girl from the plane!” We laughed.

Since it was a United flight (that almost was a disaster since they AGAIN tried to seat Kiddo by herself, rows away from us, hilarious!, but they fixed it thankfully), we hadn’t eaten and since almost everything closes at 9pm on Hawaii we had a bit of a tremor when I suddenly became ravenous. But Safeway saved the day and we made tuna melts in the outdoor kitchen of our lovely private apartment airbnb accommodations.

We all woke up at 8ish the next morning, and Kiddo chased the cat into the front yard where we met the airbnb host out with her chubby Dachshund, Puanani, which means beautiful flower. They recommended two beaches, and we hit up one of them within an hour. Kikaua beach.

Our spot.

Our spot.

AMAZING. It looks like you are driving into a super luxe private estate (which you are), but all beaches are public in Hawaii up to the vegetation line so they have guest passes and 27 places to park. So we nabbed a spot and then plopped ourselves down on the beach. Kiddo was so excited that she walked only about 5 steps from where the concrete ended and the sand began and started playing with her bucket and sand toys (that we borrowed from the airbnb people, so handy!). We had a lovely morning of splashing, patting, flinging, building, picking up, squealing, and eating sandy food.

I hadn’t had caffeine and we didn’t pack a lunch so at 12:30 we had to say bye bye to the beach (with much screaming) and go find sustenance. Kiddo fell asleep in the car immediately, Hubby and I ate grassfed local cheeseburgers and local iced green tea and drove around until she woke up. Then we went to Costco for sunblock, macademia nuts, a sumbrella, and another rash guard for Kiddo. After that we went to Aiopio beach, a beach that used to be a fish run but now is a spot where turtled congregate to sun themselves and relax. We were 1 meter from a turtle (before we read a sign that said we were supposed to stay 5 meters from them, whoops!) – it was breathtaking! Such beautiful creatures. (Though alas, I left my phone in the car so no photos.)

Then we stopped at Safeway for a few more things, and Kona Natural Foods for some organic local coffee, went home, worked out, made dinner and went to bed. After 24 hours in Hawaii, we were already feeling the island pulse.


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