Quick tour of the end of Part 1

Wow, it has been hard to keep up with this blog while I was staying with my parents in Portland. I thought I would have a lot more time to sit around, but that all changed when a) I realized how much time I wanted to use socializing, making and eating food, and reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee in the morning when I had the chance and b) we decided to ship a container full of stuff back to Norway for our new house. So, less time to blog.

In the last ten days of this leg we:

1)   Got 8 posters framed.

2)   Bought a round table for the kitchen.

3)   Bought a box of books on subjects I am interested in to kick start our new library.

4)   Saw the baby elephant at the Oregon Zoo.

5)   Went out to Southern food (Screen Door).

6)   Went out to brunch at Beast mmmmmmm.

7)   Picked up oak barrels for Hubby´s home brewery.

8)   Had a Break the Gingerbread House party, where we ate smoked ribs and played board games.

9)   Had a small birthday party for Kiddo, who turned 2.

10)  Packed up 25 boxes for the movers.

11)   Bought a box bike, and had Hubby ride it back over the west hills from SE PDX to SW PDX.

12)   Ate at Zell´s, which might just be my favorite breakfast place in Portland because I can get an omelet with a side of sautéed veg, and also scones and jam as a free appetizer mmmmmm.

13)   Bought new luggage since our old bags were falling apart, and packed for our long trip.

14)   Plus, my dad gave me a guitar lesson and I tried to play some on my own, which wasn´t working out too well. I am excited to teach myself  – AFTER this huge amazing adventure.

15)   Lastly, I went out for some one-on-one time with my sister, for breakfast and to return some Christmas presents.


It was busy, whirlwind, and hard to truly enjoy every moment but I did my best. My parents were great through it all, even though they knew it would be the last time they would see Kiddo for a while. No scheduled visit, although we might make it back in September 2013.

If I am inspired, I will try to fill out the gaps in the Portland time. Otherwise, it is time to start recording the new phase of our adventure!


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