Out on the town

One of the things I was looking forward to a lot about this trip was the chance to go out with my friends from home.

Originally I thought that Hubby and I could go out together, too, which we did once, but my mom´s back was injured and since the day after Christmas, when she had surgery, I can´t really leave Kiddo with Grandpa, as he has to look after Grandma too.

So when my friend invited me out to a concert with her, and Hubby offered to watch Kiddo for the night, I was thrilled. They have such a good connection now, I think because we are all constantly together, so the “mamamamamama” was kept to a minimum. I drove across town, had a beer, watched some people having a lot of fun playing some music, and went home again. It was such a simple thing, but something I haven’t done in so long I can´t even remember the last time.

When I lived in Switzerland, going out was so expensive that we really didn’t. We were living as poor students and had people over instead, for house parties and dinner parties. Plus, I never drove in Switzerland. There is something that reminds me so much of being a young adult in American (whether living in Portland or going to school in LA) when I drive myself somewhere in the evening to meet up with friends. In Norway, when I go out, I take the bus – which is great, by the way, I much prefer it, thought it makes driving into a nostalgic act.  

The friend I met was my oldest friend, a woman I respect and admire so much. She is in medical school, about to start her residency, so this is probably the last time she will be in Portland when I come home. Getting to go spend some time with just her, without Kiddo and Hubby was fabulous.

The band we went to see was The Quick and Easy Boys. Their bass player was a friend from high school. I only stayed for one song, because they didn’t go on until 11:30pm and I realized during the opening act that I didn’t get cell service in the theatre. I couldn’t enjoy myself because I thought if my baby was unhappy, Hubby would have no way to reach me. When I got home at midnight, everything was fine, of course, but such is the life of a mom (for me, anyway 🙂 ).Image


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