New Year´s Eve

We rung in 2013 with a lot of fampagne and Power Grid, a board game.

My sister and her BF came over for dinner. After trying to get crab at all the Asian markets, we gave up and my Dad went to Costco for some meat. Then the oldest generation turned in, and the younger generation commenced trying to remember how to play the game. It took forever, but was good fun.


Kiddo terrorized the living room, dumping out All The Things. By the time we were finally done with the game – and after we ran outside at midnight and shouted woop woop – it was nearly 2am. Kiddo was still awake because I was trying to play the game, and also she never likes to leave a party if I am still there. We left the place in shambles and crashed. 

I woke up with a hangover (whoooooooops!), cleaning up All The Things, and started 2013 firm in my resolution: less booze!


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