I love Christmas with my family because it is what I know. It is different than when I was a little kid because I’m the adult daughter now with a daughter of my own, but I still feel like I could close my eyes and know what was going to happen next.

My dad´s family in California sends presents, including lots of See´s chocolates. We put the tree in the corner of the living room and decorate it with the childhood ornaments and bright string of lights. My mom makes oatmeal cookies and mandelbrød.  

Yet, when I think about it more, that is where it ends. This year, we added the tradition of a gingerbread house, a la Norway. I told Hubby I thought only Martha Stewart made so crazy gingerbread houses!

We didn’t go to the caroling service this year (we haven’t gone since the first Christmas Hubby spent with us). My dad didn’t go either. No longer is it something that I have to get through before we have the fun part of Christmas morning. I am an adult, and I can make my decisions for myself on whether I would like to go to church.

Everyone went crazy buying way too much stuff for Kiddo. She got overwhelmed and I felt bad. Hopefully we have learned our lesson for next year, although that will be with Hubby´s family and she will surely get lots of gifts from them too.  

The party my parents throw for their church friends and family on Christmas night was different too. I have trouble explaining why, though I think it has to do with the fact that it felt like less of a chore to prepare for it. Again, maybe because I have fully embraced my role as an adult in this family.

It is strange to grow up!


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