Uneeda Burger

In the car on the way to Seattle, Hubby was driving and I was trying to research what we should do and what we should eat when we got into town. It was so overwhelming that I tried to narrow my search. But how? I wanted something a bit hippie, I decided, but tasty. I googled Kombucha Seattle and found a guy who makes his own Kombucha that is sold across the city called Communi-Tea. On his website, he lists the places that sell his brew, including a few restaurants that have it on tap. OMG. I love that!

So that is how we found Uneeda Burger.

When we drove by, we barely saw it. It looked a bit like the taco shack we sought out in Portland – tarps and a light shining and some steam. But after we parked and got closer, it looked like a proper burger shack. And the smell when we came in…mmmm!

We tried some standard fare – a classic cheeseburger for me and a caramelized onion burger for Hubby. Kiddo ate an all beef hotdog. We tried their poutine, or fries covered in brown gravy and cheese sauce. Hubby liked it, but I thought it was just ok.

The best part was definitely the Kombucha on tap. And we found out when we were walking out that we could have gotten grass fed beef in our burgers. Whoops!


Food: 3/5 stars (Tasty burgers cooked properly, but would have been better if grass fed)

Atmosphere: 4/5 stars (Proper burger shack. Pre cut snowmen for kids to color at their tables. Big win for parents of small kids!)

Service: n/a – order at counter and bus your own tables

Price: $$ ($5 for a cheeseburger, $4.50 for a hotdog)


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