A day out and in, in Seattle

This morning, we all woke up super late. It was amazing. Hubby had to wake up in the middle of the night to field some calls from Norway, and while the toddler with a cold slept through it, we were both awake for more than an hour. So when we woke up at 10am, we were feeling rested and happy.

We hemmed and hawed about what to do – go out for breakfast, go out to lunch, go directly to the zoo, find a café, blah blah blah and decided after a very long process to run in and get some takeout from a Caribbean sandwich place in Fremont on the way to the Woodland Park Zoo.

Paseo, the sandwich shop, had a line out the door. So running in didn’t really work. We got a couple of sandwiches and a green salad with pickled beets, red cabbage, and cilantro that was amazing! I had a Carribean Roast sandwich, which was sweet slow roasted pork and Hubby had a Grilled Pork sandwich, which is what it sounds like. All the sandwiches are served on toasty baguettes with mayo, pickled jalapenos, caramelized onions and romaine lettuce. They were a-MAZ-ing. Hubby said it was the best food he has had on our trip so far!


Then we went to the zoo, coughed up some dough to park in an empty lot, coughed up some more dough for the tickets (but Kiddo was still free since she is under 2) and saw about 4 animals before she fell asleep.

But the gorillas. Wow. I was mesmerized. The Woodland Park Zoo has two groups of gorillas that we saw (or three, according to their website), who were fascinating to watch. We saw Vip beating his chest, and Jumoke eating lettuce, and others munching on some mush and making up a comfortable nap spot and walking around their enclosure. We saw Pete and Nina napping and were waving to Nina, who was semi interested, although the pull of her droopy eyelids proved to much. I felt in awe of nature and evolution while watching them.

After Kiddo fell asleep, we went by PCC Fremont again to pick up some Kombucha and snacks. When we tried to slide Kiddo out of her carseat back at the hotel, she woke up, even though she needed more sleep. Whoops.

Then both Hubby and I worked out in the hotel gym, and Kiddo and I went swimming for 45 minutes (ages for a two year old), before taking a long shower in the room. We planned to go out to dinner and then come back to Kiddo could crash, but she was soooo sleepy that she fell asleep in the car on the way.

The vegan restaurant that we had planned to try (yes, I managed to get Hubby on board to try crazy vegan concoctions!) was closed for their holiday party (mentioned on their website but we didn’t see it!!). We didn’t see this until we had paid New York prices to park in Capitol Hill, so we found The Oddfellows Café, where we pretended it was a tapas restaurant and ordered lots of vegetarian starters while watching lots of dates and girls nights happening all around us. Capitol Hill is so happening! Where is that part of town in Portland?

Kiddo woke up right when her face hit the chilly air outside the restaurant. We went to get some Bacon Crack for my mom and ate a cupcake each while we were at it (so much for the afternoon workout!).


Back at the hotel, The Polar Express was just starting and we watched it as a family. It was Kiddo´s first movie! In the middle while they are having problems with the train, she picked up the phrase “stop the train!” and shouted it intermittently throughout the rest of the film. Cute!

It was a really good day. 


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