The Oregon Zoo

We finally went to the zoo!

Kiddo loved it. It was the first rain free day in about a week, and luckily for us it was a weekday, so it wasn’t very crowded. We loved the otters, the sea lions, the naked mole rats, and the penguins. In particular Vivo, who was swimming in front of Kiddo for about 10 minutes. (They are tagged with their names on their right ears.)



Because the zoo trip came at the end of two difficult sleep days, Kiddo was exhausted, and I think in her overtired state, something clicked in the brain and she decided the monkeys were scary. I hope it doesn’t last, because the monkeys used to be her favorite part of the zoo.

Usually, I love to get elephant ears or something else unhealthy at the zoo, but I held back. It was easy since on weekdays they don’t have all the kiosks open with the smells wafting under your nose.

Soon, we will have to go back and see the baby elephant, who should be out in the exhibit in about two and a half weeks.

We got a membership so that we can go for short stints. Drop in and see the sea lions for an hour and hit the road again. I think it will be fun!


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