What have we been doing so far, anyway?

I sort of thought I would have a lot of time to myself while we were in Portland. Not just time, but uninterrupted time to read and write and walk around. I don’t know why.

It has been great, don’t get me wrong. I have gotten to celebrate both my parent´s birthdays with them, and Thanksgiving, and see our friends and my sister. I have gotten a few runs in, and done one whole week of P90x2 in the mornings. I even finished a book last night. But we have been here for almost two weeks and I haven’t even read a whole newspaper article. We haven’t been to one place “just for Kiddo”, like OMSI or the zoo.

So what have we done? We have been learning where things are in Portland. The last time we have really spent any time here exploring the city was practically when we were in college. After that we had short trips with intense family and friend time, usually at my parents´ house. This time, we have the use of my parent´s car, and enough time to really explore. To be honest, I am not sure I have ever driven from where my parents live, in Southwest Portland, to multiple destinations on the east side. Now, we spend the day out, driving around, getting lunch, walking around, and it is great!

We have been eating and trying fun new places. We´ve had Thai food, Japanese food, Southern food, vegan food, sandwiches, French food, and probably others I am forgetting. We have had brunch, lunch, happy hour, dinner, and snacks. We have had ice cream. Doughnuts. Kombucha.

We have also decided to get a container shipped to Norway with stuff for our house. Even with the freight and the taxes, it will be cheaper than buying stuff there, plus, we can get things we cant find there like claw foot cast iron bathtubs. So, we have been running around like crazy trying to find stuff that needs to be ordered soon if we are going to get it before we leave.

That is about it. When you add it all up, that isn’t bad for almost two weeks.


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