Kiddo misses the dog

When we decided to take this trip, the one thing we really dreaded was leaving the dog (Poodle) for so long. Poodle is our sweet three-year-old standard poodle, who is staying with Hubby´s sister.

Last night we were out to dinner at a fancy Portland restaurant. We brought soft dough for Kiddo to play with, and she kept asking me to make her a dog, which she would then carry around gently, and hug. One time, I looked over and she was standing with her back to the table, stroking the dog and saying, “I miss you, Poodle. I miss you!”

My heart broke! It was so sweet, though, that she remembers our dog, and presumably loves her. It was also astounding, because it probably is the first time I have heard her use a sentence on her own volition that I didn’t consciously model for her to repeat. I never said, “Kiddo, do you miss Poodle? I miss Poodle!” We have talked about the dog, and what she is doing, and how we wish she could be with us. It is so fun to see how fast Kiddo´s development is going! I hope she remembers Poodle for the next 5 months, too. 🙂


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