Beaker and Flask

Last night we ate at Beaker and Flask, a restaurant so hip there is no door sign. My dad had it on a list of places we should try, and I read the menu online and it sounded amazing.

We booked a table for 6pm since we were coming with a toddler. We arrived and it was mostly empty, except for a large group who had ordered a bunch of cocktails. It is a great place for a drink. They don’t have a bartender, but a “mixologist”. Hmmm. And they use all sorts of obscure liquors and pretentiously don’t explain what they are, but hey, it is their prerogative. I would have loved to try one, but I am not in the market for drinks. I would rather save my breastfeeding alcohol limit for wine.

We got some bar snacks just to try: pigs ear, fried anchovies and olives, and brussel sprouts in a purple yam puree. The pigs ears were amazing.

Then, I got the Oregon Wagyu beef with beans in a creamy horseradish sauce. It was a “small plate”, but I could have eaten just that. Then I got the vegetarian large plate of Delicata squash with braised greens and cioppolinis. It was good, but the beef was amazing. Kiddo liked it too. Hubby got the braised short ribs as a small plate and the trout with shoestring potatoes for a large plate. My parents got the butter lettuce salad, which they thought was better the last time they were there.

For dessert, we tried the chocolate tart with tangy goat cheese crema, the yeasted custard and huckleberry tart, and the panna cotta with beignets. I liked the chocolate the best and Hubby liked his custard tart the best. The beignets were good, and the panna cotta was perfect.

There isn’t much seating. If you have more than 7 people it would be a squeeze. In general, the place seemed like it was going to be super pretentious, but I didn’t feel that way. I think it helped that our waiter was down to earth and funny, without being too friendly or always there.


Food: 4/5 stars (I loved my dishes, my parents didn’t love all of theirs)

Atmosphere: 4/5 stars (Dark, hip, loud. Perfect for a romantic meal – or a dinner out with a toddler watching her iPad.)

Service: 5/5 stars (Funny waiter.)

Price: $$$ ($8-15 for small plates, $20-25 for large plates)

(Sorry no photos – my phone was in my jacket pocket, which was checked )


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